Important 🔔 : Scheduled downtime (temp)

Hey everyone! :hyper_wave:

Just a heads up, our partner bank will undergo maintenance on Saturday, 11 June 2022, from 3 AM to 3 PM. :blob_worried:

Edit : This is extended to 10PM, June 13th 2022.

During this period, you may not be able to view your updated balance and transactions may not be visible on the app.

Rest assured, we’ll be back very soon!

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Will we be able to pay to other users? Or that service too will be under maintenance?

Its too long for Jupiter

Fi will start at 12.00 and then Jupiter will start 3:00.

Pls do it fast I need to do my credit card bill payment via CRED but servers are down!.

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Payments would work. Might not be updated in the app though

Amazing! Thank You!

None of the payments worked. When all the other providers update you atleast 24 hours before a scheduled maintenance it’s sad that One as a user learns it through app which noticed at 9.30 PM.

To add to the headache of using the service, the customer care always shits tickets without anything being solved.

The least I can now expect from Jupiter is the option to close the account through app.

This is as much of a Neobank as much as hero Honda is a space aviation brand. Absolute marketing gimmick. I mean how name another bank that doesn’t have tokenised payments for tap and go through nfc mobile calling themselves NeoBank. Like if you a service can’t match a traditional known to be backward brick and mortar bank with its digital offerings it’s quite pathetic.

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It is a fair expectation to get advance notice. Unfortunately, we got updated by our partner bank pretty late as it was a major upgrade at Bank end to improve services in future. We notified our customers as soon as possible for us. That being said, we were equally upset with our partner bank on delayed update for such a major upgrade of CBS.


Hey everyone! :blob:

Another important update :alert:

There seems to be a delay at our partner bank’s end. The maintenance activity is slightly delayed. Your transactions may not be visible and your balance may not get updated until 8 AM on 12th June.

We’ll be back soon!

Jesus…just shut your services and call it a day… this is definitely not a neo bank… but like an alternative take on what if a nationalised bank went digital but somehow worse…

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But doesn’t this failure to update irrespective of the companies agreement fall outside the customer services and in direct violation for VISAs service provider TOS. Or you can shift blame on federal bank yet again?

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Time increased to 1 pm :smiling_face_with_tear:

Does debit card transfer works @Shawnpinto

Yes, it got extended @Aswin_Benny :blob_sweat:

So it works but how does it show in the app? Can you check if it’s in a processing state?

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Debit card payments should work provided there is sufficient balance.

Transaction will not show on the app. You might get an SMS on successful payment.

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Debit card works but balances and jewels are not updated…

Balance works on other upi apps by requesting balance

Came across this tweet yesterday… :pensive: :pensive:

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Its a problem of THE FEDERAL BANK☹️ not Jupiter or fi.

I was lucky that my UPI Txn was successful

Now it has extended to 3PM, 13th June 2022. When will the maintenance be completed. Also, I have deposited my first Rs.500 through “other modes” (Jupiter UPI ID, to be specific). It doesn’t even show processing/updating. I did this on Saturday, 11th June 2022. The amount got credited in my primary bank account.

Can anyone help me here, please? Thanks!

These extended and now frequent downtime calls for a very serious talk with the Federal team. If they’re not interested, why not consider a different banking partner? :eyes:

It’s easier said than done. But, something needs to be done before the shit hits the fan. There’s this common comment about neobank’s already that they can’t be trusted as your primary account. These service disruptions will only give such naysayers the beating stick.


The app now showing errors and money is not debited to my Jupiter account from other accounts.