NetBanking with Jupiter is here!

Exciting news, everyone! :partying_face:

It seems that the long-awaited NetBanking feature has finally arrived. You can now register for NetBanking using your jupiter account details, even though it hasn’t been officially released by Jupiter yet.


you can also signup for fedmobile with net banking credentials and make transactions with fed mobile too

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I am going to hold back the announcement to my team until the Jupiter team makes an official announcement. I beleive they need that time to achieve all the integrations. I tried installing the Fedmobile app and the device authentication keeps failing.

I’m super excited and really look forward to the official announcement!!

I have been using it since 6 months. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is not Jupiter Internet Banking.
As the Federal is the banking partner of Jupiter, that’s why they provide in there platform for Net Banking.

@Satyajit_Singh Even though Jupiter is providing this facility by leveraging Federal Bank’s banking infrastructure, don’t you think it will play an important role towards driving acceptance of the account as a primary account?

I am hoping it would trigger that emotion. At least for me, it is one more reason to stick it to HDFC bank.

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I am still not able to register.


Just go through this link, enter your account number and follow the instructions. If you find any issue let’s know, community people or staff will help you.
Federal Bank net banking registration


I would still suggest that he waits for the official announcement from the Jupiter team.

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It’s not showing my debit card and it’s showing transaction password is disabled contact customer care but when I called on the given number cs told me to contact Jupiter customer care. When I talked with Jupiter customer care in app chat , he told me that Jupiter doesn’t support netbanking. What should I do?

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@Shawnpinto will help you.

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@kirankiran10333 it’s better to wait for the official announcement


federal bank’s net banking seems to be slow and bit laggy

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able to use this from when I opened the account which is around 10 months back. Even I am surprised when they mention that federal bank net banking will be enabled for Jupiter users where as it’s already there.

Hemantha, even after the announcement was made, not everyone is able up for the online profile. I was able to sign up and fee others could not.

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@Shawnpinto In the product roadmap, I’ve noticed that the Netbanking feature has been shipped. I believe many users are still unaware of this valuable addition. It would be great if you could please make an announcement to inform users about the availability and benefits of the Netbanking feature.

Thanks for bringing it to notice bro :+1:
However, its description still read “A net banking system for Federal bank account holders” :eyebrow: :eyebrow:

Actually, Jupiter users are Federal Bank account holder. As the account are opened with federal bank.

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they also have partnered with axis but haven’t seen any one getting a axis account

The official website states powered by Federal Bank