Jupiter net banking feedback

If you did not know, you can access Jupiter/Fi-Money Account using Federal Bank’s website/netbanking portal.

Login / SignUP

After you Register/Login, you’d find your Jupiter Account is listed there in the Account section.

After a week or so, you’d find if you have any other Account like Fi-Money too listed there automatically.

And one more additional Account would be there as well. After reviewing in detail, I found out that the extra Account is of Jupiter’s POT Account, where separate money being kept for Accounting.

In short if you have Jupiter Account, then you are eventually holding 2 Accounts of the same Bank.

One is the Normal Jupiter Account and another is the POT Account. And both Account Numbers are different as it’s supposed to be…

In my case, I am having total 3 Accounts of Federal Bank.

  1. Jupiter.
  2. Jupiter POT.
  3. Fi Money.

Good initiative indeed!!!


But there is not much that you can do with FedNet/FedMobile.

Most services will throw PAN not found error. You cannot even view or manage your cards. You cannot reset password with you card.

Probably they have restricted the services for accounts opened through neobanks.

So FedNet won’t actually add any value here. Just another username-password to remember.

And yes, POTS uses a separate account to store your money. You can find its details under “Account Details” in the Jupiter app itself.

I can control Fi account debit card to some extent.

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Can’t say for Fi. But my Jupiter card is not even visible in FedNet

Same here.

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Yes went through the Netbanking site, not much useful seems like, even failed to fetch Statement form the portal, as no such option I found so far… So apart from seeing the Account infos, nothing much to expect seems like…

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When i am trying to register for netbanking it shows

Anyone other with same error?

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Jupiter doesnt support netbanking… But jupiter will be listed there

In my case everything is working except transaction password is disabled error

It’s because of fi. Because customer ID is same for all accounts

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You can’t register if you have only Jupiter account. If you have fi account it will be registered

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Jupiter has hidden its debit card from Federal Bank. For this reason, Jupiter users cannot register for NetBanking.


@Shawnpinto i am sure you would have received this question quite a lot.

Does Jupiter plan to make net banking via Federal Bank more main stream?

This question has come up from all the employees from my company as the salary accounts have been opened with Jupiter.

As of now, most of them have reported the “no ATM card associated” error while trying to register for net banking.

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