An interesting observation

I recently started using online banking facility. I observed that Jupiter has opened two bank accounts for me at Federal Bank. Whats the reason behind it?

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May be, For Pots/Fixed Deposits :eyebrow: :eyebrow: I am not sure…

How? Is this the net banking option?

It is showing two Jupiter accounts under Operative accounts. The net banking facility is 10/10. Used it to make few payments. The experience was very smooth.

One must be the pots balance

Another one is for Pots deposit

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I never knew, Jupiter is offering Net Banking services :eyebrow: Thanks for the thread.
After searching the community, came across this thread (which I Got missed), Thanks to @saurabh.s , I registered for net banking Today.

I have noticed that the number of accounts displayed on my profile is only one, even though I have funds in pots, the savings challenge and another one (not Super Pots). Therefore, it is likely that the issue pertains to Super Pots or Fixed Deposits.

Yeah there are two account’s
One is the main account and the other one is specifically for pots, superpots are kind of a RD so they are held with federal bank (same with FD).