Jupiter must launch a web portal service

Suppose I am not able to access my mobile phone or lost and I want to withdraw some money or my mutual fund investment. There is no way to do so until I get the new SIM with that number and access to my phone or new phone. How frustrating that situation would be? At that moment ending relation with Jupiter would be the only thing that will come to my mind.

@Smart while your observation is spot on, as of now one can set an online account on federal bank’s website and access the Jupiter savings account from there.


You can use the Federal Bank NetBanking to access your jupiter account

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But I can not check my mutual fund investment there, right? In case I had to redeem it. What about my FD account? Will I be able to use all services like ASBA/SGB?

In case of mutual fund redemption you can do it directly from the AMC(Asset Management Company) website. AFAIK, FD accounts are also accessible with NetBanking.


But Check my MF investments there.

How to check my FD account there? Only one account is showing there?

Under the “Account” tab on the left pannel.

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I check it there, and there is an option of deposit account but my FD accounts aren’t listed there.

You have 2 account with Jupiter pot and saving… You need to check both

Where to find that FD (pot) account in the federal bank net banking app? I checked for the FD account, but nothing is listed there.