Early Inform about Maintenance

I’m unable access Jupiter app because of a maintenance. To ensure a smooth experience, I kindly request jupiter to inform in advance of any scheduled maintenance that may affect our banking experience. This way, we can plan accordingly and avoid any inconvenience.


That’s odd. Thought we already had alerts about scheduled maintenance…. :thinking:

I also experienced same, when trying to see CVV

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I’m not sure, didn’t receive a alert :alert:


I have faced these issues which have usually not been maintenance down time related.

I will second Saurabh. A heads up will help. I tried accessing the app for funds transfer. There was a message displayed which stated transactions will be delayed due to maintenance related activity at the partner bank.

Yes all bank , banking app showing warning in app , email, sms comunication. But Jupiter don’t do :unamused: and the partnership Bank maintenance timings also not good, every Bank do this thing at midnight.

Yesterday i saw a warning in fi app , that there partnership Bank under maintenance.

But i don’t saw any warning in Jupiter app.

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