Scheduled Maintenance

@Shawnpinto This is not at all acceptable on banking sector. If you are taking schedule maintenance inform customers prior servers going down. Without notice we do transactions normally and now my money stuck. Had some emergency and this is what JUPITER offered.


Yeah a push notification of some sorts would be helpful


Notifications hours before said maintenance would be great.

Thought Jupiter had it…. Anyhoo, Federal Bank is notorious for these stunts.

@niranjan_kumar You are right.

How about an SMS alert? A push notification wouldn’t be necessary to pass on the maintenance message.
@nateavi Does Fi/ NiyoX send any alerts in advance? If yes, what’s the platform?

Our traditional banks send a simple SMS in bold letters at times. I’ll pass this feedback to the team and think about this.

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I’ve seen push notifications from Fi. Then they got an additional persistent notification in the app (same as Jupiter- so that’s good).


How about an SMS alert?

That would be great. Niyo sends mail notification before maintenance.


When we can see this?:kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes:


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