Feature Request


I am not sure If these are being worked on, so here are the features I would love to have

  1. Send Push Notifications for any maintenance activities.

  2. Shorter and customisable VPA. Mobile@jupiteraxis is too long imo

PS.: Inward UPI Transactions not working post last night UPI Maintenance. Also, the app is a bit slow.


Push notifications are coming for maintenance.

Cuatom UPI is under process i think.

I did not get any notification for last night UPI Maintenance OR any others before that. It was available in-app but not as a push notification.

@JupiterTeam @Shawnpinto Any chance of these being added anytime soon?

@Pratyushh push notifications are being sent if there’s maintenance going on. In case you didn’t get one, there’s a banner on the home page mentioning the same.

Shorter and customisable VPA is being thought off :slight_smile:

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Yea, I do see updates in app banners. Why am I not receiving push notifications though :pensive:

I haven’t denied any notification permissions to the app.

Waiting for it.

Also, I requested this in chat support.
Is there any plan to include this ? → Payment via QR Image stored in Mobile Storage? If someone sends a QR Code?


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We do not allow scanning of QR through image upload - this will open fraud scenarios.


People get duped everyday using UPI. Doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be any digital payments.

It just means that more awareness, better security and Fraud Detection System is required. It is on consumer mostly, but most of them always want to move the blame to banks.

I wouldn’t say it is a good or bad decision, but it is something Jupiter thought would be good.
And it can be good, the fraudsters will have to do more work :sweat_smile:

I would have liked to see it on Jupiter because sometimes Jupiter doesn’t work OR there is no network at shops.

Also, I haven’t seen any Banks OR Payment platforms without it yet.