Fix Notifications on iOS

Whenever an app or service is requesting money through Jupiter ID I never get a notification for the same. I always have to specifically open the app and then make the payment. It would be a lot more easier if we can get payment notifications. Also I feel like this is the issue not just limited to the payment notifications but to overall notifications in general, even the money getting credited notification doesn’t work most of the time. However I do get the Jewels notifications immediately. Fixing notifications will go along way for a much smoother experience.

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It’d be cool if we had a space in the transfers tab, right beneath UPI payements >> Send Money for real time upi requests….

A simple: “pay or decline” sorta section with a tiny brief about the UPI request.

Helps mitigate worst case scenarios such as missing out on a Jupiter notification and then scrambling where to find the UPI request (unless we already got a solution).

Update: just tested this scenario. Turns out these alerts do show up in the home screen. Cool!

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