Jupiter for iOS - Initial Impressions

Have been using Jupiter for iOS for a few days. Apart from the mobile verification hiccups, once I logged in, everything was smooth. App opening is quick.
The first UPI payment failed. So I kind of went sceptical about the payment success rate and shifted to Paytm for a while. However, I didn’t face any payment issues later. The app on iOS feels more stable than android. None of my rewards were blocked too. However had some minor issues that I observed.

  • App notifications are not yet present. I still get a text message for money deposit or debit messages even though I have enabled app notifications.

  • UPI payment requests should be notified via app notifications rather than a text message.

  • When logging into the app, the account balance should be set visible by default. It’s an extra step to see how much money is present in the account.

  • While making a payment, users should also have an option to add a footnote to certain payments. For example, one of a food joint in my area is registered as “SM Enterprises” so it would be confusing while tallying what this place actually was. Some payments made from third party apps are often displayed as PAYOUT/383910303/… which is confusing and so an additional footnote would make sense.

  • Reward promos should strictly stay in the Reward section of the app. I see it creeping around in the Home section of the app, which is not bad per se. But very much out of context. It would be more streamlined if all the offers strictly remain the rewards section of the app.

I hope to see new features added like bill payments and UPI mandates. But I have heard that these are currently being built and so for what the product is right now, it’s minimal and very much functional. Very positive experience.


Thanks for the detailed post. Just reinforcing two of your points,

  • Rewards promo in debit card section is irritating and feels out of the place.
  • On homepage, balance is hidden but networth is visible, an inconsistency. I find always visible better.
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@Aman_Maurya @Divyaansh_Agarwal Valid points!
Got a question. Why do you prefer looking at the balance in your Jupiter account right away? Just curious.

The only extra step here is tapping on the eye tool next to the balance. :thinking:

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Atleast for me, that eye button feels like an extra step for no reason.

This is why I think the balance is hidden as soon as you open the app.

Let’s say you’re in public and there’s a lot of people around you, you might not want to show your account balance in plain sight since people will just check what’s on your screen.

I kinda prefer the balance to be hidden at first to be honest. Especially for the cases like this ^

I take it back. Well now that I think about it, it makes sense to hide the balance. And so makes to hide networth too.

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Right? Almost every payment apps out there does the same. Interesting. Small things like this can make a big difference.

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@Aman_Maurya @Divyaansh_Agarwal You mean like, adding a text for a transaction? But doesn’t this require extra effort by typing it manually?

Sometime ago I was thinking about CVV in the same lines. I realised hiding CVV serves two purpose, 1. The example you gave. 2. It subconsciously registers somewhere in my mind that CVV(or perhaps anything hidden by default) is something important and not to be shared.

Yes! You’re on point. Oh and I still forget my own CVV no matter how many transactions I make :dizzy_face:

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It’s a needed feature. Also make sure not to make it as a mandatory field. Whoever wants can type the details of transaction for future reference. For me, it’s a needed feature.

I see. @alanabraham Let’s imagine that we’re able to add a footnote. How many footnotes will you add to your transactions? And where would you see the note as you login to the app?

Today, I was making a UPI transaction to domestic helper, noticed the field “Bank notes”, tapped on it and I was able to update the notes. Hope this might help.

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@Shawnpinto, being an iOS user, I am still not able to take full advantage of Jupiter

  1. Full vkyc not yet initiated
  2. Promoting Jupiter to colleagues/ friends not yet enabled. Can we roll out the features to iOS users.

It will be mostly useful when we pay UPI in Kirana stores / street vendors who are not registered as a verified merchants and use their personal account for payment. If we can add the transaction details, later there won’t be any confusion when we check the statement.

Hope this gives a much better clarity now.


No but I think that’s something that can’t be helped. For any amount of prying eyes, your card always have your CVV, expiry date, and card number exposed. And so as your transaction history and UPI pin. But the fact that the chances of happening anything like that is very slim.

Yes but for some cases, many a times, many things do happen that you just can’t describe with the limited options in Jupiter. For eg. - One friend asked me to buy something for him that he’ll collect from me later. In that case, it might look like shopping but for me, it’s sort of a money debit from my account for cash. So adding a footnote to these type of payments make sense.

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Just checked app reviews of Nubank, Revolut, open.money, Paytm payments bank on YouTube, and no, they do not hide balance by default. And interestingly almost all legacy bank apps hide balance. This “by analogy” argument is weak, still…
I think @Divyaansh_Agarwal may be right.


No but the concern can be fairly genuine for some people so a choice can be offered. However, I think balance should be displayed by default.

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@alanabraham @Divyaansh_Agarwal Yes, adding a footnote to transaction does make sense for those use cases. But doesn’t this effect the statements in some way? Or maybe instead of typing the whole sentence for a transaction, a short footnote with a character limit might do the trick.

If you’ve been using other banking apps, how are the footnotes added there? :thinking:

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