Payment Request Notification Error

Whenenver someone requests me money, or if I am initiating any UPI payment through any payment gateway, I do not get app notification, I only receive SMS notification. When I open my app, the dialogue box to approve my payment is also not there, it only appears when I refresh my homepage. The approve option is only present in payments tab which adds an extra step. On the android counterparts, it is fuctioning properly but it is bugging on my iPhone 15, iOS version 17.3, which is the latest one right now. I am not satisfied with this experience and I request you to resolve this problem ASAP. I’m attaching screen shots below, I am available to help the tech team to recreate the bug.

@Vikas_Chaturvedi I hear you as I am also an iOS user. Would request you to share with the support team via email - This will ensure a ticket is assigned to this and shared with the relevant team.

Tried this on a friends iPhone 14, seems to be working fine :blobthink:
Is anyone else facing this?