IOS bug report in iphone

Hi, there is a bug on the IOS application.

when we are paying using the Jupiter application by UPI or Scanning QR code, after the payment gets successful then the app will ask for the Purpose of spending or transfer or for food, etc… . For that we need to select a Purpose and after selecting the purpose we will press on the button “Done”, there is the problem, the button is not working. When we pressed the button will show the same. It will not get exit or will not forward to any pages.
The Issue with the “Done” Button

Thanks @AFEEF_ALISHAN. Let me get this checked and get back to you.

Please do confirm if you installed the latest version of the App.

Yes, I have already installed the updated version

should I need to share the video of the Bug, if needed means please ping me

Sure, let me connect with you on DM. Thanks.

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sure you can connect me

@AFEEF_ALISHAN Yes! This is not actually a bug and we tried to reproduce this. But yes, we found the issue and got it fixed. Thanks for letting us know!

We’ve sent you a surprise gift :gift:

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what is that? you sent in post or …