Recent Jupiter Updates and bug fixes ⚒️

I have been noticing a few things being fixed and improved in Jupiter in the past few weeks:

  1. The debit card wake up button works fine to wake up the debit card during sleep period.
    ( Bug in debit card Tab )

  2. The personal details like UPI ID are not visible unless the biometric authentication is done.
    (Home page shown when opening app during biometric unlock )

  3. Also one of the oldest bugs where it was consuming a lot of mobile data on iOS seems to be fixed ( not sure if it was bug in the iOS or the app) but seems to be fixed long back (I am noticing that now).
    ( High internet data consumption of app )

  4. The help/info/FAQ icons are unified ( in almost all sections) and some other elements like search bar are more consistent throughout the UI.
    ( Seemingly minor things in the jupiter app design that really gets on my nerves as a Ui designer )

Kudos to the development team for the progress :tada: .
Keep up the good work and bring us more features and improvements in future updates.

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