Jupiter app | few UI tweaks and enhancements

Psst, we did some changes to some of the sections in the app. This will be in the next app update.

1. Virtual Debit Card

To see the card details, you will need to swipe it.
Note: For security reasons, we can not show the card number and CVV together.

2. New look for card banners

3. The keyboard will open after you scan the QR code


When I have to view CVV it asks for Mpin only But there should be Fingerprint Authentication as well When I want to check CVV


RBI regulations state that Fintech players cannot store details like Card numbers and CVV so they have to make an API call to bank every time to fetch card details.

There are two ways to go about it

  1. Either Fetch both the Card number and CVV details together via one API call that includes MPIN validation.
  2. Fetch card Number then for CVV make another API call with MPIN Validation.

This is by far my understanding on this, I may be wrong or incomplete.


You’re right @Helloshantanu !
We’re aware of this and doing the same thing as you mentioned :grinning:

From v1.5.27 onwards, (Upcoming)

  1. We’ll be able to see account details and ID’s more up front in the settings!

  1. Removal of Savings Challenge Pot from Pots home & category page (This will appear in pots home only if the pot is created)

  2. Dismiss upgrade to Pro prompt on the Homepage for Verified Users.

Note: This could vary.


This looks promising !

Excited for 1 and 3 :fire:

Especially for 1. I liked Swiggy’s recent boxy UI tweaks a lot.


We are rethinking the payments tab, this will be major :eyes:


1 - Nominates add option update jupiter apps.

2 - Bullet keychain features.

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Changes to the floating QR code button on the home page
This will be coming up in the next updates.

It’s now in the center and there’s a green glow around it.
The current icon is on the bottom right and it interferes with the card banner images.


I quite liked it when it was icon only.
Maybe a squicircle, like we have now, in the centre would be nice with nothing written on it.
Personal preference though!!

any functional change coming in next update ?

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Yup! @nareshk Notice the bottom tabs? The rewards tab is replaced with a new cards tab.
We’re planning to show an icon for rewards on the home page for quick access.

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I would say these are mostly UI.

Awesome! Keep up the good work.

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For v1.5.29,

  1. In the transaction details page, the category section just loads the icons when you change it, not the whole page anymore (Hang on screen). This saves so much loading time.

  1. Shimmer loading for Money tab.
    Shimmer loading is like an effect that shapes the approximate type of content that is loading. Currently, if you open the app and switch to the Money tab, you’ll see the hang-on screen for a second or two. This will be changed to shimmer loading.

And some other stuff :nerd_face:


Phew! That “hang on” loading sometimes takes a while. Happy to know it’s being replaced with better stuff!

Meanwhile any improvements on the auto tag front, Darth Pinto? I still get transactions with the wrong tags, despite me painstakingly tagging them (manually) in the dozens for the past 30 days.

For example, dine out at a certain merchant auto tags itself as finance or rent initially.


Are those transactions new? Or the same old merchant?

Lemme know those transactions on DM. We need to check why those transactions didn’t get tagged correctly :face_with_monocle::mag:

New transactions with old merchants. Auto tagging as of now is a hit or miss for me.

I’ll keep an eye out and beam you the transaction IDs when this pops up again.

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@here From v1.5.31

Since some folks mentioned that it was hard to find additional transaction settings, we’ve made the additional transaction options more user friendly. More info here - Disabling Tap and Pay - #9 by Shawnpinto

Context: As a user, the + icon didn’t look like a drop down.

We’re also trying some new layouts for the home page.
And few other fixes.