App starting slow

I have seen many people saying that jupiter app is loading really slow…

Jupiter : 8-10seconds
Fi : 5-6 seconds

Jupiter loads slower than the above time at slow internet. Its better you guys update the app or change the app loading animation. The animation feels like it takes too much time to load.

The skeleton loading animation kind of feels like it is going to take forever to load :roll_eyes:. Especially when u try making a payment in shops.

My device: infinix hot 10s
OS: android 11
RAM: 6gb
Processor: helio g85

We are working on the UI fixes to improve perceived loading. First we remove the “Hang on” loader from everywhere. In today’s release, its going live for money tab. The other tabs will be next.

In another 2 releases, the aim is to remove from everywhere. We are going to have shimmers instead.

Check this out - Jupiter app | few UI tweaks and enhancements - #17 by Shawnpinto


Steal app opening animation ideasfrom niyox and fi.

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Looks like jupiter removed most of the ‘orbiting planet’ animation thing. It kind of feels faster now (not that fast but better).

Is every data in the screen getting loaded realtime when the app is viewed or is it pulling from cache or something? (I am not pro at this). Why reload things that are static.

By default the account balance box in homepage has amount hidden so why does it need shimmering animation :roll_eyes:. Everything else inside that box and those icons below it are same everyday why need animation for it too. It would be better to remove shimmering animation from it (+ u have time to load my balance until i click eye button).

Transaction tab doesnt change most of the time for me still there is a running circle animation on top at the first i view.

Rewards tab has some banners that dont change but has that shimmering animation to it too, download images once and reuse it again until a new banner comes.

I dont mind if u use data in the background too. I now think jupiter app is not slow but the animation is what makes us feel slow. I dont know if what i told is easy to implement or not but its a suggestion. :upside_down_face: