Sluggish Ui

Ui seems sluggish and the response time to open for a quick payment and scanning is far more than other competitive upi payment app such as Phonepay or Gpay!
Sometimes it keeps on loading and have to close the app and open again.
Have to wait full 5 secs to home screen to appear,so that i can click on scan and pay
Hope you look into it and fix this in the new update.:relieved:


Hey @Rishi_Kumar , did you try this yesterday? If yes, do you remember at what time it was?
We too noticed it being slow sometime in the night.

Is it happening right now?

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@Rishi_Kumar Have you tried the long press shortcut for scan and pay? How has your experience been with that?


Did notice today around 6:30pm, the initial screen itself was not loading.
I checked it right now 9:20pm, and still the same the initial screen has not loaded.
Had to do my UPI transactions directly through ICICI, which went through within seconds.
Is the server down?

Next level sir please update and nominates update option sir

I am on ios 15.5, couple of days ago I included the Networth option, post updating Jupiter app to 1.5.35, the issue started
Even on Sunday, at 1:05pm, I am not able to process UPI transactions.
The screen keeps refreshing with no options displayed on the screen. After couple of min, the screen reflects, click on Scan & Pay option - that’s all, it keeps processing.
May have to wait for the next upgrade to fix the issue.

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Hey Sravan!
Our team is looking into this. Let me DM you to get your contact details.

I’m on ios 15.5. I notice sluggishness too.

Jupiter v. 1.5.35

The app works fine on Wi-Fi. But opens a tad janky on mobile data. It’s a 50:50 shot if the app will work tbh. Maybe it needs to be a bit lighter??


@here The app loading is a bit slow at the moment. We’re looking into it.
But thanks for the quick mention folks :pleading_face:

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@here How is it right now?
This was fixed around 1 am last night :hammer_and_wrench:

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Too early to tell. But initial opens with Wi-Fi seems okay.
Will test it out on mobile data later, and keep you posted

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Thanks @nateavi :grimacing: