Community update | May 2023 📢

Hello Community!

We’re back with more monthly updates for May’23 & a recap :bell:

New login experience :tick:

Some of our Community members wanted a faster login speed and load timing. And guess what? We heard you! :slight_smile:

What’s coming?
We’re working on a pre-cached model where the home page gets loaded before the biometrics/MPIN appears.
It’s currently under internal testing and should be live to users in a phased manner.
You can expect this in a few weeks.

Current login:
Click on the app icon > Jupiter Spacefire screen > Biometric option > load > Home page

Coming soon:
Click on the app icon > Jupiter Spacefire screen & load > Home page gets loaded > Biometrics

It should take the user 2 seconds or less with a stable network :zap:

Savings Challenge is back! :space_thumb:

Some of you have already started the savings challenge and it’s been a few weeks since it’s live.

What is Savings Challenge?
It’s a challenge for you to save on a weekly basis. It’s a good habit to start. (That’s how our habits feature even started btw :v:

Now that it’s back, this is your chance to test yourself if you can beat the challenge :rocket:

Scan and Yayy! :toggle_on:

If you ever wanted a gamified experience while you use UPI, this is for you. :metal:
It has milestones, rewards, and a tracker to show your progress (requested by a few members)

This is currently live to few users with certain behaviours. It’s a unique campaign.

It’s time gated! If you have access to Scan and Yayy, give it a shot and let us know your experience.

Note: The UI and flow are subjected to changed in app.

Custom categories VS Tags :bar_chart:

Custom categories were asked by our members for a very long time. We tried to solve this by releasing tags last year.

We’re checking if Custom categories should be a thing :face_with_monocle:
How would you use it?

Or would tags suffice and keep it as it is?

Join the conversation here and vote on this thread - Spend Categorization - Tags vs Custom Category

Enhanced bank account statements :page_facing_up:

In the coming week, we will soon enable a better flow for downloading bank statements.


You can choose to receive it through Email or download it directly. The option to choose PDF/ Excel (XLS) is available too.

More updates on this sometime this week.

Note: The UI and flow could be different in the app.

Credit Card? :credit_card:

Some of you must have seen a notice from Jiten regarding a Co-branded CC :slight_smile:

Thread - Co branded CC

Is Jupiter going to release a Credit Card? - Yes :toggle_on:
How is it going to work? What are the rewards and eligibility? We’ll know soon.

That’s it for now!

We have more updates on the rewards structure, but that can wait.

Today is an important day. It’s MAY THE 4TH!

May the 4th - May the Fourth

Join us here and share which movie you’ve watched :wink:
Fun gifs are allowed!



Please make sure MICR code also gets included in the statements please.
Jupiter statement doesn’t show it currently.

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I have been waiting for so long that I get a credit card, but you guys are not providing me, so I do not want to use Jupyter account.

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It’s not even out yet though :face_with_monocle:

Can we have an early look for the credit card design?


In a few weeks :v:
The Community will have the first sneak peek.

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Thank you for the updates, Shawn. Look forward to newer features getting released.


Any update on metal debit card ?
I have been waiting for it.

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I am not able to open my account it’s showing u have some identification issue to we r not able to open your account so please help me to join Jupiter.

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It is strongly advised to refrain from disclosing any personal information on a public forum to ensure your privacy and security.

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@Bhumit , have you connected with the support team on this? Considering you do not have an account yet, send an email to on this. They shall guide you on the next steps.

If the issue does not get resolved, as a last resort, ping Shawn via DM, include the ticket# and brief summary of the issue and progress so far.


Currently, the homepage loads for me in less than 2-3 seconds on a 4G network. I can only imagine the lightning-fast speed it will achieve in the upcoming days. :zap: :zap:

can we expect this feature soon for others with normal saving accounts or is it only for Pro users?

Simply wow !!!

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I would highly recommend creating a separate thread under the “help” category mentioning your issue and all the necessary details. This would make it easier for the community members and the Jupiter team to track updates and provide assistance. :+1:

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It’s here early! Revamped bank account statements on Jupiter


Yes…Just saw and read the post by @Shriram. :+1:

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dm @Shawnpinto he has helped 2 3 of my friends also me in onboarding

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What about this one @Shawnpinto

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@Satyajit_Singh That’s not out yet.

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It takes 15 seconds on a faster network ( 10 MBPS) and 25-30 seconds on a normal network. (4 MBPS)

That’s lightning fast. It usually takes around 7-9 seconds for me