Community update | April 2023 📢

Hello Community!

We’re back with more monthly updates for April’23 & a recap :bell:

Jupiter Lens is here! 👓

I’m happy to announce the launch of our latest & greatest product! Any guesses? :eyes:
Insert drumroll sounds please

Introducing, Jupiter Lens! :eyeglasses:

Designed keeping aesthetics in mind, these lens come in our trademark Spacefire colour, and are designed to help you save more as you see more :sunglasses:

Product snaps below :point_down:t2:

Features available:

  • :eyes: ClOSER and CLEARER view of your spends.
  • :no_good_man:t2: Say no to copy-pasting your Card number, It’s literally right in front of you :eyes:
  • See all your linked bank accounts under 2 lens!

Order your lens today and see the world the spacefire way. Limited sight only.

📖 More modules for Learn with Jupiter!

Added modules: :heavy_plus_sign:

  • Make your first 1 cr.
  • How to pick a mutual fund?
  • Save money for emergencies

Check out our Learn for Jupiter section in the investments tab if you haven’t!
If you’d like to learn a particular topic, let us know here - Introducing Learn with Jupiter 📚

🚀 UPI Autopay, Now live

We are finally live with UPI Autopay on Jupiter! :party_parrot:

  • You can now set up subscriptions (recurring payments) on top UPI-enabled merchants via UPI Autopay
  • You can schedule one-time mandates on merchants

How does it work?

  • Currently, you can go to any of the live merchants and enter Jupiter UPI ID to set up a mandate.
  • You will get a one-time request to approve the mandate on the Jupiter app.
  • Post approval, the mandate will be set and the transactions will be auto-executed (under Rs 15,000)

What next?

  • We are working with NPCI to get more merchants enabled for Jupiter Handle.
  • Currently - we are live with some of the big merchants like Google Play Store, App Store, Spotify, Shopify, Discovery etc.

🧪 New lab tests coming soon

Rejoice lab testers! We have more lab tests coming your way :eyes:

Lab test #12 - The search bar on Home page
Jupiter lab testers, come forth! This is your time to shine :sparkles:


:alert: Test now!


We’re now going to enable it for the home page. It functions a bit differently than the older one.

Lab test #13 - Home page revamp (Round 3)
We’re been testing the home page layout for quite some time now. I’ve checked out the latest design and I must say, This new layout is on another level! :fire:

We can’t wait to release it~
Stay tuned for more updates.

If you aren’t part of Jupiter labs yet, join here - Introducing Jupiter Labs 🧪

🧾 Bill payment offers for PRO and Salary account holders

If you head to the rewards section, you will see this banner for Bill payments.


🌐 International payments, now live

💰Savings challenge is coming soon

You heard me right. It’s coming back. Are you ready?
For the ones who missed our previous Savings challenge campaign, check this out - Ready. Set. Save! - Savings challenge 🤩

There will be more updates coming next week, stay tuned friends.
Have a great weekend!


Winners of previous campaign? Was supposed to be announced yesterday.


How can get that Jupiter lens for existing user


Jupiter lens means? Sunglasses :thinking:

I’m a user who ha physical card, and it’s expired on 2028 or 26 , how can i received the lens :unamused: is there any criteria for us ?

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Now we can’t copy our card number from app ?

It’s a quiet easy option for e comarce transaction :unamused: why are you removing this?

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You need to visit planet jupiter then you can get one of those glasses :rofl: :rofl:

Well played! It’s a April fool prank😅


Seriously :unamused: he says something about serprise, but never expected that :joy:

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same issue with me :frowning: :frowning: not receiving finvu otp


In First attempt, I haven’t received but in second attempt I got. It’s taking more time​:sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:.


For me their is no problem :thinking:

OMG, i think this month will be April Fool Everyday

Jupiter Lens
OneCard Chips


Its April fool dude.


@Shawnpinto Please bring UPI- autopay for Myjio too. I wanna set up my bills on autopay.


Hey @Candy :hyper_wave:
Let us know which campaign you’re referring to :blob_thanks:

It was a prank :blob_sweat:

@Devansh_Bartwal Suggested this merchant to the team :heavy_plus_sign:


Really, it’s means there is no Jupiter lens?

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Who knows, there could be one :laughing:

Man I’m in doubt whether I need to make a separate thread on this?
The campaign is ‘Love in every swipe’.
Winners were supposed to be declared on 31 March.
They’ve contacted me on the same day saying you’ve won, and will be in your inbox next week with the rewards.
There hasn’t been any sort of contact from the team. I have then contacted support and was informed that all rewards will be delivered on 10 April. Still haven’t received any rewards.
Jupiter is really being inconsistent with what they say and what they do. Sure I don’t mind it getting late but making sure customers know that it’s gonna be late is something any professional companies must really do.


Hi Jubin,

The process is delayed at our end due to some operational challenges. We are deeply sorry for this experience. You should receive the email latest by this weekend.

I’m marking my colleagues here who are handling this process.

@Saket_Kattuboina @sneh.baxi


Thank you, team Jupiter for giving me accor membership and various gift cards from different brands for winning love on every swipe contest. :rocket:
PS- Its my mom’s account i only handle it.