Scan and Pay faster than ever 🚀

Hello everyone,

We bring you good news! As the title says, we’ve made the scan and pay experience faster.

What’s new? :blob_huh:
If you haven’t noticed it yet, we’ve added:

1. Opening the scanner and keeping it ready :selfie:

Open the scanner > black screen (0.5 seconds) > scanner page

Open the scanner > scanner page

2. Zoom :mag:

You can 1x, 2x, and 3x the camera zoom while scanning the QR code.

3. Few button repositioning :hammer_and_wrench:

View QR, Upload image, and flash icons used to be on the top right.

We’ve moved them to the center. It’s easier for our fingers to reach the center of the screen while using our phones in a 1 handed mode.

4. Less time used for scanning the code :mantelpiece_clock:

The scanner would take less time to read QR codes and take users to the confirmation screen.

5. Recent Payees at the bottom for quick access :heavy_plus_sign:

This is handy for users who pay frequently.

6. Design changes :art:

The scanner box has a spacefire tint :slight_smile:
Scan and pay the Jupiter way!

Scan and Pay (QR) is one of the most used features on the Jupiter app. We’ve prioritized this and heard some of our member’s feedback.

So here it is!

This should be available to all users who are on app version 2.0.19 onwards.

Try it out, Let us know if you feel the change.


Great, this was very much needed.


These are some wholesale enhancements!! Cannot wait to use it even more!!


Updates… Updates and more updates…Jupiter is on :fire: :fire:

Are there any updates regarding that vibration feature , Shawn? :eyebrow: :eyebrow:


Updated new design looking good !


Koi bhi reward nahi de raha he Jupiter app is not good app

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Hello, @Sathi! Welcome to the community.
I recommend upgrading your account to PRO by depositing 10000. Currently, only PRO users and Salary account holders are eligible for rewards.
If you have already upgraded to PRO but are not receiving any rewards, please consider raising a support query via email.

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Do you mean the opening speed or the animation? :blob_huh:
I’ve seen Cred’s scanner, they have a space theme in the background. Are you referring to that one?

@ManishSaini - Can you share few things for us to check?

  • App version you are on
  • Device Details
  • A video showing the lag in opening the scanner and around slow detection speed.

Just want to ensure you are on the right build. If everything looks good, then we will deep dive on the sub optimal experience you are referring to.

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Used the scan & pay option today at 2 merchants and the experience was at par with the likes of Paytm, Cred, Gpay. Kudos to the team!!


I tried the updated scan and pay feature and I like it. It also detects the QR code instantly. The previous version of the feature was slow and sometimes it took long time to detect the QR code. The new version is much faster and more reliable.


I too can confirm the speed of the scan feature. I haven’t used the scanning facility (older version) much before, but this one is incredibly fast. It can detect QR codes from a reasonable distance and even from a side angle, providing instant results. I think no one need to need the Zoom feature and it’s sitting there alone there :rofl: :rofl: @Bankofthefuture :clap: :clap: :clap:

The zoom icon isn’t visible for me only two icons are present. @Shawnpinto

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Did you get the Zoom icon? If yes, kindly instruct @gabey14 on what to do and how it got resolved.
If not, @gabey14 , its recommended to connect to @Bankofthefuture
with all the required information

This is the zoom icon.

From the image shared by Manish, it seems to be missing there. I think now Abey too have the same issue.

Yes right @razack

I think there was an update 2.0.21. Maybe that has this.


For those who can’t see the zoom icon, it will show up for all users in the next week’s app update :slight_smile:

If Manish says he is impressed, then the job is done. He is a difficult man to impress.

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