Scan and Pay faster than ever 🚀

No, I didn’t get it.

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So you have to wait a few days.

Tried the new scan and pay… it’s really good. Feels like a complete product. QR detection is good.

I understand that square in the center is a joke :joy:. I tested it with all angles and QR was being scanned as soon as it was seen in the camera :zap::zap:

I love the vibration too. I dislike the recently payed, since it is showing those business that I have payed last year (haven't used jupiter UPI that much). I am sure that I won't pay those guys ever again.

(I wish amazon pay could make their UPI feature as good as jupiter did :smiling_face_with_tear:)


Some folks use it for aligning the QR code to the center of the screen.
Think of it as a scope for a gun :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets test who is fastest HDFC Payz vs Jupiter :rocket:

Make a poll!

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Here it is :laughing: :laughing:
The fastest QR Scan experience is on …

  • HDFC
  • PayTM
  • Jupiter
  • GPay
  • PhonePe
  • Cred
  • Any Other (please mention)
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Since It will make a ‘double poll’, I have decided to close this poll. I kindly request everyone to vote here instead.

See it’s been one month… you the people not helping me at all… i don’t know the procedure to unfreeze my account…this is not fair seriously

I wil complaint on jupiter

@Shawnpinto Might help you with this.

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No one seen helping i texted him… he is telling me to contact cyber… what should I do by contacting them…

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@Nishita_Ps The Jupiter team will be releasing a blog on steps to be taken in such cases. Also, the community members are not equipped with complete insights to assist or guide you to the fullest extent possible. You will have to work very closely with the Jupiter team.

Can you please share me that blog

As soon as the blog is posted, we will get to know. Until then, you will have to work with multiple teams from Jupiter that are involved in the investigation.

Cyber crime case?
Just report a complain on this portal and you can mail to the principal Nodal officer of Federal Bank…
They definitely help you in this case.

IN this case he is responsible so no one can help him, if you think your case is a mistake, definitely you can go for the process ( previously told)

I msged them… they r not replying at all

I understand how frustrating this situation can be for you. Have you received any response from the team regarding the reason behind your account being frozen?

Folks, it is highly Recommended that Nishita’s conversations remain on DM with Shawn and team. We do not have visibility on the complete process and hence can only guide her as much.