Scan and Pay faster than ever 🚀

The next step for Nishita is to connect with the cyber police team.
Once the case is clarified by them, only then we can take action.

Try contacting RBI Ombudsman they might help.

How to connect them

Let me know that can i close the account… i wil close my account please try to help to withdraw my money so that i can close my account

1 Like I am not 100% sure this will work but atleast try it.

@BornArcher8 Thank you for sharing the information. Having said that, Nishita needs to follow up on the steps that have been provided to her by Jupiter’s investigations team.

@Nishita_Ps - The delay and frustration surrounding your situation are palpable. Having said that you will need to follow the instructions provided by Jupiter’s investigations team. How & what needs to be done is something the community members may not be able to guide you.

Also, this thread is for this subject. Hence, please avoid sharing any further messages on this topic here.

This will definitely helped you, my friend also have same problem from a Neo bank ( fi) , she received directly call from federal Bank head office, They unblock her account… And she transfer her all amount after sometimes ( 80k ) , and her fd money back into the account after 48 hours

@Shawnpinto @Bankofthefuture @razack
I used both Gpay and Jupiter Scanner.

And other Payments app Scanner, (whether it is Phonepe, Gpay ) They are much more responsive than Jupiter.

Secondly I think There should be a Scanner Widget for Easily acces Scanner without opening app and Biometric.

and Third which is priority for me.
The note autofills as PAID FROM JUPITER
I have a habit of Editing it in all Apps as it comes in Bank statement with that Remark.

I have to remove all the line of Remark while paying there should be a remove button to remove it at one go.

there should be more stickers for Categorizing Payment or an option to add

I still Use Gpay for Transaction and comes on Jupiter app to categorise my transaction .

Bilal Shaikh


Even in the Poll mostly Gpay was Voted after Jupiter app .

Can it be a device specific?

Hi Bilal, do you know an app that allows opening a QR code scanner to make payment without verification. Just curious to find more.

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Dear @Bilal24 , I really value your feedback and suggestions.
The speed and responsiveness of QR scanning may vary for each individual due to a range of factors, such as network speed and phone specifications (e.g., memory, available free space, processor, etc.). Fortunately, my Jupiter QR scanner performs faster than Gpay.

Regarding the scanner widget,
If you are an Android user, you can create a shortcut by long-pressing the app. However, please note that this feature is only accessible after opening the app and with biometric authentication. Removing these restrictions could potentially compromise security.

In regards to categorizations and tags, we can expect to see additional options in the near future. The team responsible for this has conducted surveys and gathered feedback from community members to ensure a wide range of choices. :+1: :+1:

@razack Bro, My question is again the same. If other apps and scanners can do their work faster in the same device then why can’t Jupiter?

@razack Yes, if other Apps are fast why Jupiter is not.

And Since updating to Android 13 /Miui 14 (redmi note 10 5g)

The long press is not working for creating Shortcut.

I can only add widgets from Widget menu in homescreen where jupiter widget is not there.


I think its an Android Update

I need to allow permission to add shortcut

Well my other Question is on Time to time in my experience Jupiter upi is not available on Jupiter app but was able to use upi on other Apps why is that.

And to think Fedmobile is faster than Jupiter
I use it in case jupiter lags in my device.

If its Device Related
my devixe Specs.

I created a KWGT widget where I selected Payment activity of paytm

Then on clicking widget
The paytm scanner opens without authentication

similiarly I Have gpay scanner on my lock screen shortcut where jts not asking for authentication after unlocking.

Thanks @ManishSaini for correcting

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Interesting. So this is a by passing technique

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@Bilal24 in situation like these it is recommended that you record a video using the screen recorder and report it to the support team. Helps them track it till a resolution is achieved.

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Hi ,

Its been 3 am Mid night and Jupiter is working faster than ever.
It was never been this fast in Daytime.

@razack Can this Slowness be an Bandwidth Issue?

Dear @ManishSaini and @Bilal24 ,

I apologize for any confusion caused by my previous statement. It was just a wild guess, based on my own previous experiences with other apps. I agree with both of you that the issue should be specific to the app rather than your phones.

I’m pleased to hear that the app is working faster, particularly during nighttime. I hope you are using the latest updated version, as that could potentially contribute to improved performance.

I want to clarify that I do not possess any technical expertise in this matter :rofl: :laughing:. However, we have a knowledgeable community with several technical gurus :cool_doge: who might be able to confirm the actual cause of the slowness. I hope someone within our community might read your issue and provide some sort of solution. :+1:

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An Update

App is working better than before.

But QR scanning still takes around 5 seconds