QR Scanning Feedback

Just a thought , instead of a floating icon for QR scanning


Hey! @Akshaya_R This is interesting! So you’ve removed the help icon at the end and replaced the space with the QR scanner in the middle. Hmm.

The help icon is quite important and should be quickly accessible though.
Oh, wait… is it the handshake icon on the top right? Do you suggest it to be on the top of the home page?

Yeah a fixed help icon at the top right of the homepage .
PS : I am just learning photoshop it’s been couple of days . So it’s bad :smiling_face_with_tear: :sweat_smile:


Cries in Canva
I got it at first glance! This is good editing :smiley:

Will definitely pass this suggestion to the product and design teams. Thanks though.

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Thankyou fellow Jovian :sweat_smile:

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It’s cool :sunglasses::sunglasses: update. Please update upi code @jupiteraxis, @paytm, @ybl etc.
Please update…