Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas Update is here!

So, I woke up to the new Christmas Update early morning today.
I really like the Santa and Snow effect :santa:t2: :santa:t2: :santa:t2:

Sounds crazy but watching Santa on the Home Screen I thought 'twas some sort of a game :rofl:

The new icon for Scan and Pay looks good but I somehow feel that the floating icon OR the fixed one doesn’t look good visually(placement wise). It overlaps with the cards on the back. I would like to know if it is just me :thinking:

Also, Merry Christmas everyone!

P.S.: Please don’t use enforced dark mode OR you’ll either see A Chimpanzee

A big RAT :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Jupiter Welcome Screen

Spoiler: It’s Santaaa :stuck_out_tongue:


We took a concious call for keeping the QR code scanner button up at all times. We noticed that the animation took some time before we could tap on it. Since we wanted things to be quick, hence this happened.

For the Santa, the app was optimised and meant to be on light/day mode :see_no_evil:

Oh and, Merry Christmas!:santa:t3::christmas_tree:
Psst… The skating Santa is interactive. Tap on him! (Turn on the sound though)


Ahh okay.

ikr, I wish you guys work on dark mode soooon.

And I did tap on the skating Santa. :santa::santa::santa:
Not a game but it’s goood. :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:


I like the new icon for scan n pay. Its design is much better. Old one was :-1::-1::-1:

But its placement seems a bit odd.

Also can we get to pay by biometric authentication without entering pin, as in iMobile app.

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Can this loading animation be turned off for shortcuts actions?
I don’t want to see santa every time I scan and pay from home screen shortcut.
Also, can the scan and pay shortcut launch time be improved? It’s too slow compared to other apps.

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Hey @NPC I see what you mean. The QR code scanner does take some time to load. We’ll look into it.
Also, which loading animation are you referring to? Is the the Santa moving across the screen with a bag and showcasing the Jupiter logo?

@Pratyushh True. I’m guessing the QR code scanner button is overlapping with your invite a friend card? oh and, please do provide any suggestions for where and how we can access the QR code button on the Home Screen. The earlier one was an animated one which was delaying the user experience so it’s a no no.

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Yes, it does overlap with the cards below.
The design needs to be well thought up.

Here’s what I can think of right now:
The very first Scan and Pay Icon near Debit Card Icon was the best location IMHO.
Although, I understand that it needs more visibility.

Maybe the WHOLE TOP part of the HomePage needs to be reworked a bit?
Less-rounded corners and more height of the Buttons(Deposit Money, Debit Card etc.) would give more space but only if it(Less-rounded corners) looks good.
So, it would like old design but bigger buttons and something to highlight them if just increasing the sign doesn’t work/look good.

And if reworking the top portion is considered then the Hamburger icon left to Hello XYZ can also be worked upon. It opens a totally new page and that I feel doesn’t look good. Swiping might be better OR that option can be moved to the options at the bottom? where one of the options(like help) can go under this new Hamburger/Gear Icon OR some other way around. I know those options at the bottom might be by a strategic plan but I hope you get the point.

Anyways, this is a lot of work but something to be thought upon by the team.

Hope this helps :beers:


Thanks for the suggestion! @Pratyushh
As we keep updating the app, we’ll think about the home page and the QR code button placement :grimacing:

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Skating santa not playing any sounds if I tap it. iOS app.

My sound is on full.

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