Jupiter Homepage is looking like an Ads page

The icons are not aligned properly.
:white_check_mark:"New on Jupiter" is fine.
:x:But “Discover more” is mere repetition of icons.
The QR code scan should be in Bottom navigation bar.

I created a minimal design using Flutter. I used spacefire :grin:.(Attached screenshot), when combined with Jupiter’s colors, icons , it will give more authentic look.

What I did- I avoid repetition of elements that lead to same place, for example, the card icon is removed from bottom bar and is present in round icons only.


Really appreciate the part where you tried to avoid those repetitive elements.

This is one of the two major issues with Jupiter UI/UX. Looks like anything is placed anywhere, and multiple user flows leading to the same places.

The second one is over-dependency on skeleton loading → which makes the app feel super sluggish.


Thanks Harshdeep for taking efforts for new design suggestion. Though it has few issues from first time user discovery viewpoint. Second , there are few states such as networth, investments which people literally want at one tap. This design lacks the same. But there are few good elements such as placement of scan and pay, removing repition in discover section.


Thanks Harshdeep for sharing this. We always like hearing suggestions from our users and acknowledge the input.

You’ll notice some enhancements in the discover section soon with more range of cards which are designed to be more relevant to mature users. (This is typically where it starts feeling repetitive)


HI Arjun, thanks for the response. On your second point, we are actively working on smoothening out the loading experience. Trust you’ll see improvement there soon.



@harsh That’s so cool!

Love the QR code scanner in the middle of the bottom tabs.

Currently - There’s a floating button for the QR code scanner on the home page. Let’s say we navigate to other sections of the app. If you want to scan, you’d have to go back to the home page to do it.

Your idea - It’s at the bottom. You can access the scanner no matter where you are in the 5 tabs. This saves 1-2 clicks, maybe 2 seconds or less :stuck_out_tongue:

Small things, but it does matter.
Good stuff friend.

Hi, this was my first post in the community and I am suprised how quick it was to reach the entire Jupiter team, even the CEO. :grinning:

Yes, these things are really for one-tap and Jupiter have them. I just avoided Networth just to save time but you got the idea!
I am also happy that you find my suggestions helpful.

Still on it, will keep working on it.

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Hi Shawn,

Exactly you got the idea.

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Thanks harsh deep for suggesting a revamped design. This looks better than the current Jupiter app design. App has more than the icons generally required for quick navigation and is poorly arranged. Jupiter should work on their UI/UX so that it will help to improve user experience.

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Hey @palak12 :wave:t4:

Welcome to the community!
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the home page :slight_smile:
Do you have any suggestions for how we could improve it? Any references/concepts would work.

Oh and, you’ve mentioned this. Could you let us know which icons?
Thank you!

Please remove the on demand salary option from home page below “all account balance”, it looks cluttered and off design