Better homepage

Most of the space on Jupiter’s homepage is occupied by “do more with Jupiter” section and useful options need digging.

Money-in and money-out for the month should be available on the home page as well as jewel balance.

For deposits: Show qr code option should be available on homepage. Also “other ways to deposit page” is a very useful page to copy upi id and account number/ ifsc, and it should be on homepage (it currently appears when you cancel adding a new account to upi). Right now we need to click hamburger menu then account details to copy account number and ifsc.

A lot of options in app are cluttered and repetitive. For example there are atleast three ways to go to debit card screen.

  1. Card icon in top banner of home page
  2. hamburger menu > payment settings > debit card
  3. Transfers > top banner

Similarly many other settings are scattered and repeated like upi settings, manage payees, requesting a statement and such. With a few tweaks you can being all important things to homepage and remove repetitions.


Agreed the app’s UI must be simple and clean


This is great @Kushagra_Tiwari!
The Money-in and Money-out for the month does show up on the home screen when you install the app and open it for the first time. The banner nudges you to check out insights, but it won’t be available after you click on it.

Hmm, we could explore the possibility to show this on the home screen permanently :thinking:

For the show QR code to receive payments, I see a lot of requests for this one. Just curious, how often do you use show QR code? This is useful if the person is next to you and sender haven’t made any payment yet. For the next payment onwards, your details will be on the recent payee list in Transfers tab.


Not often i admit but it’s about being able to access it quickly whenever I need it (as it’s usually when I’m out). Telling someone upi is not convenient. Maybe you could implement the way fi has done, where QR scanner gives an option at top to show QR. Solves both of ours problems right?

Not really. You can share your qr on WhatsApp and other apps too. A lot more people know how to scan qr than upi. Also i prefer to request payment via qr because then you’re sure they are not going to mistype and send money to someone else!

That’s not true. Me and my friends use qr to transfer because its much more convenient than going through payment history to find old transactions.


Though I don’t use fi because of poor rewards system, their app does show everything you need right on the homepage or by a single tap or swipe. Maybe jupiter team could take a look.


Agreed! These are valid use cases. The home page is the first thing you see when you open the app. So if everything is accessible from there, it should be efficient. But we must also keep in mind that it should not be too cluttered. Showing your QR code and quick insights seems worth showing.


Suggestions provided by kushagra tiwari makes the app simple and effective to use When can we expect an implementation of the suggestions provided by him


“Congrats, you’re now a verified member” card has been on the home page forever. It is of no use to me, it shouldn’t be on the homepage.


In my opinion, the home screen UI is good. Comparing it with conventional banking apps and services like Paytm etc. I found that the required information is readily available.
The Do-more on Jupiter section is rightly placed on the home screen as it provides a way for new users to get acquainted with the different features of the app which will not be possible if it is shifted to some menu/tab.
the hovering scan and pay option is also good.
Personally, I don’t have any issue with the present UI.

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@thekumarpraveen Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!
Question to you. Can you let us know what’s that one thing you always wanted to see on the home screen? and why?

I had always wanted to see a collapsable section on the home screen which contains the account details like A/C No., IFSC Code and UPI id. This information can then be removed from the hamburger menu.


Oh this sounds nice. Since this part can be collapsed, it won’t take up much space on the home screen too!

Bro, I too had that issue. I just had chat with customer service and within seconda its resolved