Adding QR Code in the App

All people need a big requirement in the Jupiter Application. That is the QR code to receive the payment from other UPI applications by Scanning. If you are providing the UPI in the QR Code it will lead to a big success, because if we need to receive money directly to the Jupiter account means, the only way is to type the UPI ID in the other application.
That is a big problem. If you are making the QR Code of the UPI ID means it will be a big success to the application. Then the Users can easily receive the payment directly to the account. Then the user will satisfy and will they use this and Engage in this application.
It will be a big achievement.


Wait? Why don’t we have it?

I see it in Fi. It’s pretty simple to get to, and has a shortcut to the QR right within their scanner.

We need this added in to our scanner for easy user experience, yesterday.

Exactly bro, we need the UPI ID QRcode in the application it will help the users of the application because the UPI ID is typing means It is a big headache to the user.
If the QR Code is there it means it will be very help full and useful.

@AFEEF_ALISHAN @nateavi We do have QR code for receiving payments in the app! But it’s buried deep in the settings.
We’re working on making it upfront.

How to navigate to the QR code currently:

  1. Open settings
  2. Payment settings
  3. Manage UPI accounts
  4. Click on Jupiter account settings
  5. You can see the QR code and an option to share it.
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Wayyyyyyy too many clicks involved. :sweat_smile:
Keep working on a fix.

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How would you like to access the QR code? Somewhere on the home screen?
This can be put in the settings on the main page too. Like how Paytm does it.

This option is too long to access and it is not a comfort to the way.
please make the QRcode option on the front page near Settings>QRcode or Infront or near “Scan & pay”, "Sent money ", etc… include the option in that Ribbion

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Good question. The easiest option I can think of is adding the user’s QR code in the scanner page.

Tuck it to the top left, or top right….
If aesthetically possible maybe at the bottom. The idea is to keep it near n close incase it’s needed.

Here’s the general vicinity I can think of.

Another option would be to move it (or add an alternative spot) in the profile page.
Click on the user name in the app. Profile. Voila, easily accessible button to the QR code just incase!


We’re planning to keep the show QR code on the scanner itself. This is similar to Gpay.
See the QR icon on this example below.

Adding on, we’re trying to add some zing to it. Like the 4 corner boxes or animations while scanning.
This is WIP.


Good Decision, it will allow people to use the QR code very easilyAnd they can transfer the money to their account directly thank you for valuing

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Woah! Awesome!!! Can’t wait.

Meanwhile while you guys are at it, can you let us add in profile pictures? Those contact profiles icons at the bottom look lame

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