#2021onJupiter | Lets rewind the clock! 🚀

Hey everyone,

It’s the end of the year and we thought you’d wanna know how you spent in 2021, with a year-end wrap-up report!
We’re calling it #2021onJupiter. Head over to the app and check yours now!

You can find the report on the app home page. Click here. :point_left:t3:

Apart from this, we also have some stats on all that happened in the Jupiter community this year.

Here are some interesting stats from the community:

  • Our community platform was viewed 1.3 million times! That’s a lot! :scream:
  • We have approx 4000+ users in the community. Looks like we need a bigger house :eyes:

We’re also providing a community Badge “#2021onJupiter for all the users who had joined till today.
(Psst, if you haven’t gotten yours yet, you probably joined after this post was published. Don’t worry, you’ll get another badge next year :P)

Okay so, we’ve been surfing through the community and we saw a chunk of people talking about various features of the product. These were:

:rocket: Improved QR code scanning experience - Here’s an example of us listening to you guys and shaping the product together. We build what you need.

:rocket: How could we improve your experience with the networth feature? - Check out the views shared by the community folks for one of our features - Networth. (Psst, we’re still listening, do share your thoughts on how to improve it!)

:rocket: Better home page - The homepage is the first thing you see when you open the app. What would you prefer to see at the first glance? Do let us know what could be done better.

These are some of the most trending topics that are being discussed:

:rocket: News about Neobanks - It’s not just us, check out what other neobanks are up to.

:rocket: Review on fintech credit offerings - How has your experience been with new generation fintech credit offerings, both card-based as well as buy now pay later?

:rocket: Salary accounts | What do you use it for? - How is your salary account bank treating you? Share your thoughts here!

Oh, here’s some upcoming stuff :eyes:

:rocket: We’ll be adding a few new features to the community to enhance your experience. Perhaps like a dark/light mode toggle ? Addition and changes will happen on this thread here: Community platform tweaks and adjustments
You can also find this thread on the dismissible banner on the home page (The one that says What’s new)

:rocket: Unique badges for user activity in the community. These badges can be seen next to your name. :medal_sports:

:rocket: We’re gonna resume the community champions again :partying_face:

:rocket: Few surprises here and there :astonished:

And finally, thank you for being a part of the Jupiter community! You’re the ones who are helping us shape Jupiter. We couldn’t have done this without you!


I have got one badges :heart_eyes:

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