Community platform tweaks and adjustments 🛠️

Hey everyone,

We’ve made some UI changes to our community platform :rocket:

  1. This one is for those users who are accessing the community via mobile.
    You now have access to quick tabs below. You no longer need to click on your profile to select these options.

  1. Added Christmas lighting (They’re animated) and some users get a Santa hat on their profile icon (Random basis). Some hat may face left or right :santa:t2: This will last till end of this month.

  1. Some button changes and hover glow animations.

More tweaks are coming soon. Stay tuned :grimacing:


Awesome buddy, light and Santa cap is looking crazy😦



Just adding a quick toggle for Dark/Light mode. You no longer need to head over to profile>preferences>interface :grimacing:

Note: It’s just for the desktop browser.


You’ll now have the option to search for the user/topic easily with the help of this search bar. It’s more up front than the search icon next to the hamburger button on top right.

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@Shawnpinto didn’t get this…are the Christmas lights still on!!! Me was on Jupiter though didn’t join ya guys here…but shouldn’t it be visible for all consumers!!!

PS: me like to have changes or alerts…rather some thing on the app…like how Google shows…sorry…technically dumb…looks and feels happening though…hehehe…

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Hey @Silenscreamer the Christmas lights and Santa hats were removed on Jan 1st, 2022.
It was a default theme.

But as of now, we only have 2 themes live. Light and dark. You can access both of them.

  1. If you’re on the browser, you’ll see the toggle on the top right.
  2. If you’re on mobile, head to profile icon/ preferences, Interface, select light or dark, and then save.

Psst… we’re working on a new default theme! Will share more updates on this soon :slight_smile:


Me have gone dark…loving itt…thanks…


@Shawnpinto eager to know the new theme…keep them alive…every month…n also dun remove them…we should have the option to change the themes…


Seasonal themes will be removed as it wouldn’t make sense to use a Christmas theme somewhere in July for example.

However, default themes like light, dark, (special upcoming) ones can be selected anytime.
Seasonal/special day themes will be for a limited period of time and will be made default. You can always change it though :open_mouth:


We’re working on a theme for the community platform called ‘Space view’. The colours and buttons are being adjusted at the moment. This is in the test phase but you can use it.

Here’s how it looks at a glance. (Those stars move around)

You can find this theme in your preference > Interface > theme > select space view > save changes.

Do test it out and let us know.

Some known issues

  1. The stars may collide with the text as you scroll/read a topic. Might make reading more harder to some.
  2. Rare crashes if you type a message (in draft) and do not send it in 5min.

Your dark mode is working mine not😒

@CarolinMerces Are you getting an option under interface? How does it appear?

Yess, but its not working na i have shared the snapshot.

Couldn’t see the snapshot! Could you send it over again? :sweat_smile:

You’ll be able to see 3 options:

  1. Light
  2. Dark
  3. Space view (test)
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No need to share because the dark mode has now succesfully applied​:wink::+1:

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@Shawnpinto This theme is really cool


Space View is super rad. It’s so Jove-y! Zeus would be proud.


The stars might be hindering the reading. Or is it just me? :thinking:
But yes, there is a dark material theme as well.


Not much of a hinderance to me. The galaxy theme is neither too dull, nor too bright. Readability is good. Scrolling feels fun. Overall it’s a 10/10.

Love it! Now do Jupiter’s app. :smile:


Make the comments more like inside a chat bubble like jupiter app’s help chat option.

Its kind of cool and easy to read (Dont forget adding some roundish edges on chat bubbles😅).
Community page has good features but looks like those old forums that i used to be on few years before.