Theme Bug in Jupiter community

I use chrome shortcut to open Jupiter community, suddenly, something happened to theme, the dark theme is not working and also space view.

same with me !

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Uh oh, the theme broke :disappointed:
We’re checking the hex codes for the texts in certain themes for our forum

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@kirankiran10333 @Apoorv_Pranshu Can you disable the dark mode option?

There’s a check box that says ‘Enable automatic dark mode colour scheme’

Once turned off, shave changes and try again.

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I tried, but no change.

I tried something and the dark theme works now… It breaks every now and then.

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it’s not working in firefox too

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We couldn’t find the cause of this.
Our default theme is light (white) and spacefire.

We do have a dark mode version (Dark) and spacefire.
Spaceview has been acting up weird lately, hence it’s disabled for a bit.

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I cleared the site data in chrome, to clear the cached old version of website and after a fresh start the community site only two themes are available dark and light also the auto theme switcher option is also gone.

I think the existing cached version is interfering with the new version of the website and hence the themes are not working properly.


Good find @Abhishek_Ulayil :blob_thanks:

Let’s test it out.

Are you all able to reproduce this?

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Dark theme is working fine


Yeah, it’s fixed now.


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