Accessing Community made easier

Hello everyone!

We are trying to make our Community more accessible since we use it a lot :blob:

How about we replace one of the main tabs on the Jupiter app with Community?
(Home/Payments/Money/Card/Salary or PRO) - Most likely the last one.

Or another section itself?

We’re trying to find out if the navigation would be easier if it’s right up front.

On that note, we’re trying to integrate the Community into the Jupiter app itself.
(It will load inside the Jupiter app instead of opening a browser)

Thought process:

  1. Users don’t have to navigate to settings > Scroll down > Community
  2. Users don’t have to access the website/bookmark it since 80% of our members use mobile to access the community. However, active members may use desktops which is fine.

Apart from this, Let us know how you’ve been accessing the Community currently:

  • Mobile phone
  • Desktop
  • Tablet

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Most likely this will be made live to few Community members today or in the coming days.

We’d like to build the product with our members here, thank you all for you support once again!

Have a great weekend :v:


I like the idea but I have an interesting suggestion what if we could select the options in the bottom bar.
Jupiter could lock the first 3-4 options and we can change the last 1-2 option to whichever one we want
Example :

  1. PRO/salary tab
  2. Community page
  3. Settings page
  4. Help page
  5. Rewards page
  6. Transactions page
  7. Card page
    What are your thoughts on this ?

That would be interesting, especially with the card offering and the flexibility a user has in seeing his/her choice of tabs on the app. Having said that, the overall UX will have to be brainstormed.


I would like to see it replaced with PRO as it’s pretty uselessly lying there. :stuck_out_tongue:
And also card replaced with “Scan” instead of the floating one.
However, the idea of @Abhishek_Ulayil looks good if it’s viable to provide such option to the users.


Thats will be great.

And as active Community members are increased , so topics also need to be more sorted.


Keeping it like - Choose your own tab would be a bit :sweat:
Would complicate things.

Instead, we can arrange the positions of current tabs/icons that’ll be nice.


Shawn, could we include the “Community” tab as the sixth option on the Home Screen? In case that’s not possible, I suggest replacing the “Pro” option with “Community”. Typically, the first and last options receive the most attention :+1: :+1:.

Btw, where is the Laptop option in the Poll? :eyebrow: :eyebrow: It should be Desktop/Laptop :rofl:

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Can replace with Pro tab

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I do understand the complexity and hassle it will bring and in-fact I am against changing the first 3-4 options as it will break consistency and users will have to adapt to the new UI change.
But the last 1 or 2 options is what i feel could be customised, if not by user then from Jupiters side.
The idea of replacing the pro tab is not a bad idea but there so many things that it could be replaced with.

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He always meant desktop/laptop :sunglasses:

Abhishek, Satyajit - the pro tab becomes the salary tab for salary account users which in a way is their access to check their benefits as salary account holders and the most important one is the medical insurance benefit that comes with it.


I see. In that case, I agree with @Abhishek_Ulayil’s suggestion that there should be an option for customization, at least for the last tab. This would enable salary holders to keep the salary tab, while others could choose the community option or any other option that suits their preferences and convenience.


I never knew that, thanks for the crucial information. But if this is the case it will be hard to replace any tab without causing inconvenience to some set of users.

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And yes, I am a PRO user but I see “Instant Loan upto XXXX banner” below check balance on Homepage and it is available only to the Salary users.
If the feature is not provided to PRO users, it shouldn’t be shown too as it’s pretty annoying and pushy. :frowning:


I am accustomed to accessing the community via web browser on both my mobile and laptop devices, but I am interested in experiencing its functionality within the Jupiter app. Let’s see how it gonna work.

You can also access this from


@specter I have seen many others here complaining about the Instant loan banner :rofl: :rofl:

@saurabh.s I can relate to you in that I also primarily access the community from my laptop and occasionally from my mobile device (using the Chrome browser on both occassion). Regarding the upcoming app experience, I don’t anticipate there being many changes or modifications. It may function similarly to the previous bookmarking and downloading options.

@Satyajit_Singh apt observation. Thank you for pointing that out


I think they don’t… Because it’s their marketing strategy… They want more customer focus on pro…

It’s looking good, but it’s might be not slow the app or buffering the pages

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