Community on a exclusive app or page

Can we have the Jupiter community exclusive outside the Jupiter app…it’s a pain for me to always enter the main and open it…and come to settings…maybe have a short cut for this please…me work from home and would like to keep this group open…


Yeah… at least provide short cut for the community.

Wait, you guys don’t use the Community web app? You can easily access it without going through the Jupiter app.

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@Dhruv @Silenscreamer You can get a PWA (Progressive web app) version for this.

If you logged into the community via Android device and using a Google Chrome browser, you will see a pop up like this -

Just tap on add to home screen and it will create a shortcut to the community on your phone’s home page. It opens up via browser.

If you dismissed this banner, you just need to clear cache and browser history and access the community again for a while to see this pop up.

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Here’s another shortcut:

Open your Chrome browser app and access the community website. Click on the 3 dots on the top right and you’ll find an option for “Add to home screen”

This option creates a shortcut for the website on your phone’s home page.


@Shawnpinto did this…but will it be open always…me technically dumb…hehe…

Finally have the community as a different icon altogether…on my screen…made my life easier…thanks team


Oh nice! @Silenscreamer curious to know how did you get the app on the home screen. Was it via discourse pop up or did you add the web page shortcut from chrome?

@Shawnpinto me followed ur Instructions and clicked on add to home screen and viola!! Later on found the J icon on my home screen…wat is discourse now???


Discourse is the name of platform for our community @Silenscreamer