Want a separate community app

Hey! I was still in the waiting list… but i would like jupiter team to make an app for community so that it would be easier for everyone to get in touch with community and share their experiences, ideas, problems… thank you

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Use this, I see this app as a recommendation after opening Jupiter community in browser on phone

Link to appstore: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/discourse-hub/id1173672076

You can search the same on playstore.

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Look at this

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I know it but it would be nice if they don’t use a third party application…

For folks on Android, you can use the Jupiter community on phone easily. Follow the following steps:

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Looks Cool I will try

Shortcut really looks cool… But app makes things simple and easy imo… but anyway will try it… thanks for the suggestion

@otaku_leelu actually if you add the community link to home screen, it functions as a progressive web app, so it’s kind of light weight app and gives you notifications too if you so enable.

And on iOS, you can technically get a PWA by adding to home screen but will miss out on the notifications.