Accessing Community made easier

Yes, I am agree with you. Integrating Jupiter Community into the app will end the misconception many people have that Jupiter Community is a third party platform (as I used to think in the early days). Perhaps the Jupiter community is even more effective than other support channels for customer support. But what if someone is facing problem in login to Jupiter app itself or a new customer is facing problem in opening account on Jupiter and need help from community ? In my opinion it should not only make it accessible after login to Jupiter app, it should also be accessible before login to Jupiter app. Because after login only existing customers will be able to access the community. But the app has to be made superfast as the current slow processing speed bothers me a lot.

Or it should be shown only to salary account holders on the homepage. @sani The homepage can also be the best place for this purpose, if it is displayed in an attractive way just below the balance using minimum space.

Hi Manish, I believe the team is not proposing to not give access to be community outside the app. That would continue. The idea of making it more visible is more focused on driving participation.


In past suggest by you, web app best for me … I’m also habit of this :expressionless: so switching not easy for me

In app community is good, but don’t discontinue the mobile browser accessing option.

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Hi Sani, I don’t believe the mobile access is being removed as yet. A few users will be beta tested first.

This chrome shortcut option is permanent. It’s a Browser setting, not Jupiter.

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I got an update today which allows me to access community within the app itself but there are some issues like I have signed up for the community through my Google but when I try to login it says the app doesn’t comply with Google hence I am unable to access please get that fixed. @Shawnpinto


@gabey14 Are you getting this screen? :eyebrow:
If yes, this need to be fixed. :+1:t2:
Hope the concerned team would look into it asap.

I have an email id and password registered with community. This is my secondary mail connected here and usually I use this Google login since its easy and fast.

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We’re looking into it :mag:
Thanks for highlighting this!

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Yes same

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I have not received that update as yet. Guess, IOS devices will eventually get it

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Sir, I don’t think it’s a new update (coz I was able to access the community within the app, earlier too).
The steps to access the community is same…
The only difference I can see is that Instead of Hamburger button, we need to go to the community option by touching the Display Picture on the top left. :+1:t2:

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That option always existed, correct?
My apologies if am causing any confusion here.

Yes, that option was there already, but I think as @gabey14 pointed out, now that option takes every user directly to community (may be after the update) and not to the browser such as chrome.
Sir, If possible, could you please check and confirm whether that option takes you to the community from the browser or whether directly to the community from the app?

This is how it works for me and if this how it is supposed to work then my apologies for causing a confusion

Sir, please sign-out from the community page shown there (I hope you are using the desktop version) and try to logging in with Direct Google Account Option (Sign in with Google). The problem lies there, If you are free, just check and confirm whether there is any issue with iOS. :+1:t2:

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Unsure if that would work for me as I had signed up for the community using the email id and password option.

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Found a thread for the cause. We’re checking this :point_up:


Each time I click the back button it takes me back to Jupiter app not to the previous page in community.
Any solution.

@Tom We noticed this as well. This will be fixed in the next app update.

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