Accessing Community made easier

Thanks @Shawnpinto this has been fixed now for me. It would be great if the top banner saying community also is in dark.


@gabey14 Hey! I didn’t get the dark bit.
Which top banner are you referring to? :thinking:

Also an update:

  • Those who are facing the Google login issue, it’s fixed now.
  • But, it saves your login. If you want to switch your Community account, you will need to clear cache/data (Android) or reinstall the app (iOS)
  • The back button does not take you to App settings anymore, it takes you to the previous forum page.
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I think that isn’t an issue per say so it’s fine nothing to waste time on :sweat_smile:. Thanks for fixing this issue.

May be its something related to the community interface (I am not 100% sure):
If its still showing dark, You can change it to light mode by
Preferences> Interface> Theme

No @razack it’s the top nav bar which has the back button and at the center community written after the community page opens so that white bar I’m talking about. It’s not a concern at the moment.


Got it.

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@here Folks, are you able to view this card?
If not, try going to the settings > scroll down to Community > check if you see the ‘Welcome to Jupiter Community’ loading screen.

If you see this, it means the forum will now open on your Jupiter app :slight_smile:


I don’t see the banner but I see the welcome to Jupiter community message when I access from the settings menu.

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I can see that banner.
But when I try to access through the Jupiter app got this error

Unfortunately, your browser is unsupported. Please switch to a supported browser to view rich content, log in and reply.

Maybe update your app for me it’s fixed on Android.

Yes same here.

Already on latest version

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No banner for me :thinking:

No banner

It’s okay to not have a banner, it takes you to the Community page (in app) anyways.
This can be accessed via settings.


Till now, I couldn’t find that banner on the app, but I did receive an email today. (Hopefully, everyone else received the same email as well.)

Loved the email subject line FinTech Ninja, you’ve found your tribe :sweat_smile: and the content as well :star_struck:



Nice designs :zap:

Explains the sudden influx of new users and their fancy pantsy feature requests :grinning:

Need one jupiter main account switching button to easily & quickly exiting the community menu instead off clicking back buttons

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Having six options would make the overall Ui non-symetrical imo. 5 is the sweet spot

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