Community members at our HQ! 🏢

Hello again! :hyper_wave:

Last Friday, we invited some of our Community members to test out our latest Money tab & Cash Flow feature. We wanted to do this in person to understand how you use it in real life, and how something like this is useful to you.

At Jupiter, we believe that a product can be perfected only when you collaborate with users and Community members.

Some snaps of our meetup :camera_flash:


Meet the whole team along with @Ajieethdesign @Sanish_Samuel @alexnazy @Akash_Kumar @chaitanya_kumar_Mada @arp4na @Nidhi_Balaji @Simranjit_Bakshi @salonimehta @Manik_Chugh @Aayush_Jain @Mahip_Choudhary

Oh and, that’s @Anand_Sagar telling us that I’m not a bot :pika_lol:

There’s a long list of feedback and how we can take our Money tab to the next level.
It’s time to get back to work :running_man:t4:

We should do more of this, huh.
Monthly for starters? Stay tuned for more updates!

Oh and, we’ll be sending you some :gift: sometime this week for joining us!

Online sessions have started! :party_parrot:

The online sessions should start from today. @Nidhi_Balaji and team will be connecting with the below members.

We want to understand how you will be using the Money tab & how it can benefit you.

So, how does this work?

  • :scroll: We will be connecting with you once a week. @Nidhi_Balaji from the team will be running the online sessions. We will be catching up with selected individuals once a week for 1.5 months - so that’s approx 5 sessions in total.**
  • :timer_clock: Each session will last only 10-15 mins.
  • :computer: All sessions are virtual and can be done from the comfort of your own home. The team will either call/text & brief you with the next steps.
  • :jewel: To thank you for your efforts, we’ll give you 1000 Jewels for your first session and 500 Jewels for every session after that - so make sure you do this regularly!

For the online sessions, we’ve selected @Apoorv_Pranshu @yagnesh01 @minhaj @kirankiran10333 @DigitaL @Navharsh_Kr @CHIRAG_C_RAO @Husain01 @Imashish and @Devansh_Bartwal for now.

Be ready!

Thank you everyone for pushing us every day to change the future of personal finance!


More than the testing event, as @alexnazy said previously, it is a face reveal event of @Shawnpinto :smiley: :joy:

Looking forward to joining you all next time (Please please please fix the event at least a week prior :disappointed_relieved:)



Thanks @Shawnpinto for inviting us , it was really a great experience connecting with all of you :slight_smile:
Looking forward to more such meetups and one-to-one feedback sessions :heart_eyes:


I was also waiting for online sessions but as I am not selected so I have to wait as may be I will be selected next time

True that cause finally we get to know the one and only @Shawnpinto is not a bot which is such a news.


Yes, we should definitely do this more cause the session are soo engaging and fun to be at plus great people to meet and know what’s cooking in Jupiter so that’s something and after finally meeting @Shawnpinto and knowing he’s a real person (wicked smile).

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