Welcome to the community 👋🏼

Hello! :hyper_wave:

Welcome to the Jupiter community :rocket:

Who are we?
We are a strong community of members who dislike standing in lines at banks and being told to “come back after lunch break” just as much as you do!

Peek into any meeting at Jupiter and you’ll hear one word stand out – ‘user.’ Everything we do is centered around what problems you face, why they exist, and how we can solve them.

What do we do here? :thinking:
We listen. From issues of not being able to differentiate b/w 0 and O in bank statements to fantasy features such as Financial Score, we listen to all your pain points & goals.
Our mission is to Co-Create a Bank you can Bank upon.

What can YOU do here? 🫵🏼

  • Vent out all your financial worries here and expect someone from the community to help you with them! :hugs::blush:
  • Tell us about your ideas and things that you want Jupiter to build. If it is so important to you, has to be very important to us even!
  • Treat this as a platform to discuss All Things Finance :moneybag:

How to get started? :raised_hands:t4:

This is how you can stay up to date: :bell:

Rules and guidelines :scroll:

  • Avoid creating a new topic if it already exists. We suggest you to search for the topic instead. You can like it or contribute in that topic.
  • Try to categorise the topics and give it a suitable tag. If you can’t sort the topic, it’s fine. Our community team will categorise them for you.

Posting or creating a topic :person_raising_hand:t3:

  1. How to upload an image :framed_picture:
    Click on the icon shown below.

  1. How to insert a poll
    Settings icon and click on insert poll.

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  1. You can share links, images, files like PDF’s and gifs. Video uploads aren’t supported.
    However, YouTube links can generate a preview and you can watch it here.

  2. DM or message someone
    Click on your profile icon and tap on the message icon :email:

  • If you’ve got a DM, it will show you a green pop up in numbers.
  • If you’ve got a notification, it will show you a space fire pop up in numbers (Jupiter colours).

If you’re facing any challenges - Process for service requests - Please follow this (Important)

If you need help with how the community functions, we’re always for you :slight_smile:
You can ping the @Community_Team for further assistance.

To Co-Creating a Spectacular Banking Experience,