BuckTales - share your finance story! 📝

Hi Jovian Enthusiasts!

A lot of you might have noticed if you’ve downloaded the Jupiter app, that we had a story by a community member published on the ‘Money Tab’. This story usually comprises of certain learnings and experiences our very own community members have had with regards to their finances and would like to share it with everyone.

We’re sure, you would also love to share your financial experiences with the world! If you’d like your story to be featured on the Jupiter app as well, go ahead and fill in the form provided in the link below.

Things to keep in mind

  1. Your story needs to have a maximum of 300 words if you’re uploading a PDF or Word document, if not, then do opt to talk with one of our product managers. They will contact you and have a 5-10 minute meeting to know your story as well as just converse about the product and its features in general.
  2. Do provide us with a bio that you’d want others to know about you, try to avoid occupation/company
  3. The story needs to have some sort of financial learning out of it
  4. You can submit multiple stories, however, you will need to fill the whole form again for each submission
  5. Let’s hear your financial adventures - link to form
  6. We will contact you when your story is chosen for the week or month for further details.

Let’s hear them!

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