Share your Finance Story!

FinForAll by Jupiter will post financial stories from you guys on our LinkedIn page. 1 story will be going up every week. Everyone’s contribution will help us a lot. Of course, you will be tagged when the post is made live.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Do not promote the product in your story. This will include stories of (financial learning, something unique you do with your money that you think others should try)

  2. Your story needs to have a maximum of 300 words if you’re uploading a PDF or Word document. If you want to talk about your story instead, one of our teammates will get on a 15-minute meeting with you so you can narrate the whole story. This will be recorded to rewrite later according to the brand’s tone.

  3. Do provide us with a bio that you’d want others to know about you, try to avoid occupation/company

  4. You can submit multiple stories, however, you will need to fill the whole form again for each submission

  5. Let’s hear your financial adventures - link to form

  6. We will contact you when your story is chosen for the week or month for further details.

If you don’t know what FinForAll is yet, go ahead and check this thread. :smile:



Hey guys! Go check out our post on @nateavi 's thoughts about the future of Banking in our country.

Click here!


This can be nominated for some lit award. This a finance poem. @nateavi nice :smile:

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Even nobody has liked the post lol😂

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I liked it manhkkuhhuiiilkjj bhkk