Our Instagram page needs a new bio line! ✍️

Hey folks! :wave:t4:

We want to change our Instagram bio line and we need your wit and out-of-the-box inputs.

We’ll let you guys decide :stuck_out_tongue:
If you’re wondering what a Bio line is, it’s the text that appears on the Instagram page.
Link to handle - Jupiter (@thejupiterapp) • Instagram photos and videos

:alert: Important guidelines

  • It should express what Jupiter stands for
  • It can be witty or serious. Your call :slight_smile:
  • Character limit - 150
  • Most importantly, it should compel people to follow us :wink:

We’ll pick 1 best bio line suggested by you. You can suggest as many as you want
here in the comments below.

There’s gonna be a reward too! But, it’s a surprise. (No it’s not gonna be jewels. It’s even better). :gift:

This event closes next Friday, Sept 23rd, 2022, 12:00pm

Let’s do it, folks!

bernie meme


More than a Bank . Period.

Bank in a flash

Roman God Jupiter, the King :crown: of the God’s. Federal Bank Jupiter, the King :crown: of the Bank’s.

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All your Banking need ends here; indeed.

wow…this is going to be a one of a kind :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :cool_doge: :cool_doge: :cool_doge: :cool_doge:


Biggest in our Galaxy / Straight outta Earth / Superman of Banking Space / Innovation so unique, it couldn’t be found on Earth !

Exploring Mars is thing of past.
Join the future of Banking ->Jupiter!


Reliable Exoplanet for your Universal Banking solutions…

The most Secured-Treasurer for your Hard-earned Gems on Earth…

:rocket:Fly with us to the new world of banking, Jupiter. See you on board.


Jupiter is everything

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  1. The feel good bank.
  2. Because we like to say yes.
  3. Because life is too short to have a regular bank.
  4. We make banking faster & easier, so you can do more.
  5. If it matters to you, it matters to us.

We provide an aerial route for Banking

Regret wasting time and money running around the traditional banks :burning_cash: ? It’s never too late to join us at Jupiter.money for peace of mind.


We can’t tell you all about Jupiter here, visit :point_down:
[website link to jupiter.money]

What’s the time on Jupiter banking? Years ahead :rocket:

Get along the spaceman to experience neo-banking :woman_astronaut:

Open Jupiter account in two minutes, makes entire life easy :relieved:

Switch to Jupiter, because we know you don’t like your current bank :moneybag:

Digital banking like never before, really :bank:

Have you heard of spacefire? It’s our debit card color :credit_card:

Banking that doesn’t screw your head :exploding_head:

Neo Bank, because you live in 21st century :clock1:

Access banking services like Jupiter, right here, on Earth, on your mobile :earth_asia:

Banking that helps you with money, without the jargon in between :money_mouth_face:

Have you ever thought that you can do all the banking from your phone? :iphone:

Bio Option 1:
Out-of-this-world banking experience, helping :earth_asia:lings manage, grow, and transact better.

Bio Option 2:
Banking | SIP | Bill Pay | Early Salary | Funny Stickers - everything you need from one bank account.

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Not Earth. But we can transact your World.


Omg! Look at you guys go! :party_parrot:
This is gonna be super hard to pick, lol.



We are someone who you can bank on.