Our Instagram page needs a new bio line! ✍️

Hey folks! :wave:t4:

Edit: This event was closed on Sept 23rd, 2022

We want to change our Instagram bio line and we need your wit and out-of-the-box inputs.

We’ll let you guys decide :stuck_out_tongue:
If you’re wondering what a Bio line is, it’s the text that appears on the Instagram page.
Link to handle - Jupiter (@thejupiterapp) • Instagram photos and videos

:alert: Important guidelines

  • It should express what Jupiter stands for
  • It can be witty or serious. Your call :slight_smile:
  • Character limit - 150
  • Most importantly, it should compel people to follow us :wink:

We’ll pick 1 best bio line suggested by you. You can suggest as many as you want
here in the comments below.

There’s gonna be a reward too! But, it’s a surprise. (No it’s not gonna be jewels. It’s even better). :gift:

This event closes next Friday, Sept 23rd, 2022, 12:00pm

Let’s do it, folks!

bernie meme


More than a Bank . Period.

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Bank in a flash

Roman God Jupiter, the King :crown: of the God’s. Federal Bank Jupiter, the King :crown: of the Bank’s.

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All your Banking need ends here; indeed.

wow…this is going to be a one of a kind :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :cool_doge: :cool_doge: :cool_doge: :cool_doge:


Biggest in our Galaxy / Straight outta Earth / Superman of Banking Space / Innovation so unique, it couldn’t be found on Earth !

Exploring Mars is thing of past.
Join the future of Banking ->Jupiter!


Reliable Exoplanet for your Universal Banking solutions…

The most Secured-Treasurer for your Hard-earned Gems on Earth…

:rocket:Fly with us to the new world of banking, Jupiter. See you on board.


Jupiter is everything

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  1. The feel good bank.
  2. Because we like to say yes.
  3. Because life is too short to have a regular bank.
  4. We make banking faster & easier, so you can do more.
  5. If it matters to you, it matters to us.

We provide an aerial route for Banking

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Regret wasting time and money running around the traditional banks :burning_cash: ? It’s never too late to join us at Jupiter.money for peace of mind.


We can’t tell you all about Jupiter here, visit :point_down:
[website link to jupiter.money]

What’s the time on Jupiter banking? Years ahead :rocket:

Get along the spaceman to experience neo-banking :woman_astronaut:

Open Jupiter account in two minutes, makes entire life easy :relieved:

Switch to Jupiter, because we know you don’t like your current bank :moneybag:

Digital banking like never before, really :bank:

Have you heard of spacefire? It’s our debit card color :credit_card:

Banking that doesn’t screw your head :exploding_head:

Neo Bank, because you live in 21st century :clock1:

Access banking services like Jupiter, right here, on Earth, on your mobile :earth_asia:

Banking that helps you with money, without the jargon in between :money_mouth_face:

Have you ever thought that you can do all the banking from your phone? :iphone:

Bio Option 1:
Out-of-this-world banking experience, helping :earth_asia:lings manage, grow, and transact better.

Bio Option 2:
Banking | SIP | Bill Pay | Early Salary | Funny Stickers - everything you need from one bank account.

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Not Earth. But we can transact your World.


Omg! Look at you guys go! :party_parrot:
This is gonna be super hard to pick, lol.



We are someone who you can bank on.