Process for service requests - Please follow this (Important)

Hey guys,

Hope everyone is well.

We’ve been noticing a lot of people raising service issues on the community without going through support channels first.

Let’s follow a process to ease things out:

  1. If you face any issue/challenges in the app - reach out to our customer support first. We have a strong and dependable team who is ready to help you out.
  2. If you did not get your issue resolved within the given time period, and you’ve been waiting for a while - Ping @Shawnpinto via DM.
  3. We won’t be able to fully address issues on community channel unless one has formally gone through support channels. Hence, the resolution for your issue will be given to you via support channels itself. Not the community.

This community is a place to learn, interact and get constructive feedback. More importantly, co-create the product together!