Jupiter's Rewards are changing, and you have to decide if its for the good or not

Checking this @Mithu . The team will get in touch with you.


Hey @Mithu , could you let us know if you are able to see the offer now?

Yes… :smiley:… Now the option is back. Didn’t get any jewels for last few txns.Pls check that too.

@Mithu We got it checked. It will be credited.

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@Shawnpinto I recently used UPI to pay for my car insurance, got no jewels credited? Why?

@yashwanthkrishnaa We can look into it. Please do contact our support team for such requests. They will be able to help you out.

In the meantime, do share your Transaction ID, phone no. with me in DM.

Let’s follow this process - Process for service requests - Please follow this (Important)

Hi @JupiterTeam @Jiten @Shawnpinto
In the past few days I’ve noticed that no jewels get credited against the UPI payments to PhonePe merchants.
I think the team has to look into that seriously because PhonePe has a larger market share than any other merchant in terms of UPI payments.

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I’d love to reach out to the in app support, but there is no iOS app for Jupiter for that in the first place!
Sharing details on dm.

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Hi @JupiterTeam @Jiten @Shawnpinto,
Existing Federal users who got delayed onboarding were supposed to get the firstlist rewards period extended till end of December. A month has passed since joining and I still see it being end of November in the app.


That’s right @Krishnendu_Chowdhury , we are extending the rewards for Existing Federal bank and iOS users till end of December.

We’ll be updating the date by the end of this month.


Swiggy comes under Restricted Category?

@Pratyushh Swiggy isn’t restricted.

@Shawnpinto okay, but I didn’t get any jewels and App said restricted category.

Is there a delay in Swiggy Jewels OR that needs to be reported everytime?

@Pratyushh We need to get this checked.
If you’ve already raised a chat request, please connect with them.

Also, do share the transaction ID with me on DM.

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Can you get the transaction ID 131014563900 checked? I have received rewards for the same merchant in the past and now I didn’t. Why so?

@shikharmakkar Could you let us know which merchant/platform it was? Ideally if it worked before, it should work again.

It is park+. Attached are the snapshots of the previous transactions for which I got the cashback and the current one for which I didn’t.

Ah got it. We’ll get this checked.

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Thanks, please get it checked and do the needful.
Also, I’m not able to transact on Amazon using UPI. I’m not getting any prompt for the transaction in the app.

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Yes, facing the same issue for some time now! There is no request from Amazon coming up on the app @Shawnpinto