Downgraded Debit Card reward jewels for Pro Members

What do you guys think about this?


@RSSM So it means downgrading of normal users too :thinking:. Would there be rewards for normal users after July 15th?

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No idea, I only got the Pro mail. Gotta check the difference table after the update ig.

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If there are no rewards or cashbacks for normal users, I don’t see the point of using Jupiter anyway, when Niyo is proving 6% interest over 1 lakh.

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You keep 1 lac as MAB, you will get rewards… every consumer has choice to evaluate between various options in market


Jupiter’s interest rate is just 2.49%, will it see an increase for Pro members? or at least those who keep a higher MAB?

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Not a happy camper, but hopefully we’ll see a rewards rewamp pretty soon. :smile:


I don’t have a problem per se with them changing the rewards and as mentioned by @Jiten we have other options to explore if we don’t like it.

What I do have mixed feelings about is that instead of adding a feature to better the pro account first then taking the rewards away, they went the other way around. As it stands now, the pro account is the same as it was when it was launched, expect for reduced rewards. Anyone who uses the pro account will require annoying legacy features like having to change work email/companies, net-banking or debit card autopay for investments, flexible statements for visas etc. I understand that these are difficult features to implement and I am sure that these are being worked on, it’s off putting that they were not implemented first.

While for the amount I spend and for my salary I was getting way better offers/benefits with traditional accounts, I made the decision to switch to Jupiter because of the UI, customer service and in general less creepiness. But it is also slightly disingenuous to say that if you don’t like the pro account you can switch to other accounts. For most companies I worked for(unfortunately), it’s not that easy to just switch salary accounts, especially when I had to sit down with the HR and go through a lengthy process to switch to a ‘new bank’ they hadn’t heard from before.


Interest rate will depend on Federal bank’s rate.


Okay so I checked, it looks like the downgrade didn’t affect normal verified members. So now both have up to 250 Rupees cashback benefits.

No increase in Interest rate.

The only difference is Health insurance/ Forex Fee relieved from 25k - 1 lakh and On-demand Salary.

It looks like Jupiter is not giving more options for us to choose them :pensive:

My company already provides me a health insurance of 5 lakhs/ Forex charges don’t matter to me/ and I don’t even understand what On-Deman Salary is.


@RSSM On demand salary is the best in it. You dont have to wait till payday to get salary. You can withdraw money in between of how much days you worked (i am unsure of terms and conditions)

I have no idea. It doesnt even let me withdraw money. It still say’s unlocks after 3 salary credits.


@RSSM terms and conditions apply :joy:

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:joy:, I wonder what the interest rate is.

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I had changed my salary account just because of the rewards. I don’t spend a lot internationally so forex charge waiver is of no use for me. I already have health insurance coverage. And I won’t use “On Demand Salary” as it would be shown as Loan Account in my Credit Report. I have credit cards which solve the problem of cash crunches during month end.

Traditional banks like HDFC, ICICI etc offer much benefits on having a salary account with them like better credit cards, overdraft facilities, bank offers on Amazon, Flipkart, etc

Would have to request the HR again :rofl::rofl:


Next month onwards you have to maintain 10 thousand rupees in order to earn jewels plus you only get 150 jewels limit .:joy:

:sweat: hell naw, if that happens im leaving Jupiter for good.

@RSSM it is going to apply next month i know its sad but its reality i missing the things that jupiter offer few months back free issuance and reissuance of debit card and now i will miss rewards too

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Where is this tab? I can’t find it.

Did you update your app?