Time to move on from Jupiter, no rewards on UPI and the rewards limit has reduced as well

The reason to open the account was for the 1 percent cash back and they mentioned it will last for 3 months and it is not even 2 months over and they cut down the UPI rewards and reduced the limit as well. This is FRUSTRATING!

I can understand that it was an introductory offer but not even keeping the promise of 3 months is like cheating. Getting the customer base buy fake promises and changing the terms the next is like fraudulent service.

If you want to improve the PRO, work on your business model to bring in more value addition rather than stripping down the services from normal accounts.


Well, The services you are talking about are still free. the rewards are a privilege and thus it’s not an obligation for the company to keep doing so. If you are so interested in rewards please get yourself enrolled in the pro programme from Jupiter.
If you get good products and services that itself is the reward and as one of the earliest on this platform, I can assure you that I haven’t had any major issues till now except for a few glitches and so you can rely on it any time and every time.
Making a great product requires hard work and time. I believe in @Jiten philosophy that any great product can’t evolve itself into much greater if the stimulus required isn’t provided for it to evolve.

Jupiter could have sold customers’ data only to let you handle incessant spam messages and calls, but that’s not their vision.
For most of the old school banks, their revenue has multiple sources viz. AMB charges, ATM charges but Jupiter has abolished all those charges and thus is shelling money from their own pockets to keep it evolving to its full glory.
So you should understand this point but I would also like to make a point to the Jupiter team @Shawnpinto that if the people were promised those rewards, please let them have it, only for the newly joined customers and state the new reality on website in clear words.


That’s a fair take, and I agree with a lot of it. My bone of contention isn’t capping rewards to ₹150 (on a Pro salary account lol), but doing it without a replacement.

We still lack a solid rewards payment mechanisms. Jewels is great, but in my experience I’ve never really cared much about it. What I need are gift cards, and coupons. Stuff that’ll make you WANT to use the card.

Moving away from rewards as an entitlement is indeed necessary, and I whole heartedly agree with the team on that, but curb stomping the rewards cap without a valid replacement felt really off.

Hopefully we’ll get a better rewards system soon.