Jupiter Rewards are close to dead!

In this recent attempt launch a “PRO” Salary account, Jupiter has failed to understand the needs of the customer, by actually following a theory like apple - reduce the benefits from the basic and add it to the so-called “PRO” account.

What they have changed?

  • 1% UPI (Stays the same for “PRO” Account)
    From Rs. 500 to Rs. 100
    From Merchant considered to be businesses To a select merchants such as Swiggy, Flipkart, Uber, Myntra or Dunzo

  • 1% Debit Card
    From Rs. 500 to 150
    If PRO - You’ll get upto Rs. 500

  • 0% Forex Fees
    From No Limit to spends upto Rs. 25000/month
    If PRO - to spends upto Rs. 100000/month

and some other benefits including health insurance and on-demand salary (still coming-soon, so we don’t know how it works)

What’s your take?


I didn’t like it as well and didn’t understand the reason. Why would a customer should go through the hassle of getting the details updated at the HR end and get the account changed? Also, many corporates have preferred banking partners, my company has HDFC and Axis and I cannot use this so-called pro feature.
They should have simply come up with better features, something like if a customer maintains a certain minimum balance, then they would get better benefits with lesser restrictions.


Exactly! That seem like a sensible choice but they just want to be competitor to Fi and take their market.

Not a very healthy approach.


Maybe but what I have experienced is that Fi doesn’t put so many restrictions on its rewards. The salary credit they ask for giving a reward is basically just account credit after which they ask for maintaining a certain minimum balance. They at least didn’t ask to get the account converted to salary account!


I closed my Fi account, because I was expecting too much from Jupiter but that was a mistake. Now, I am opening a new account with them using another number.