Revamped PRO experience ✨

Hello everyone :wave:t3:

We gave our PRO experience a revamp! :sparkles:

After going through the feedback given by the community and our PRO users, we have implemented some changes and tweaks :hammer_and_wrench:

PRO revamp

We had to solve:

  • Status validity
  • Better NRV calculator
  • More value to PRO members

So we came up with an all-new PRO tab :sparkles:

What's new?

  • Added a validity status for your PRO account & never miss out on rewards :date:

Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 5.13.29 PM

  • Keep track of your NRV with an easy-to-read breakdown :eyes:

  • New users now get a PRO Power offer - Just order a Debit Card :credit_card: within the first 3 months of creating a Jupiter account & get complimentary PRO benefits! :partying_face:

Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 5.20.51 PM

Flaunt that PRO badge :tick:

  • Join the 50K+ PRO family
  • Look at how much you have saved with PRO!

PROs save more:moneybag:

  • Earn up to 250 Jewels/month on Debit Card & UPI purchases :gem:
  • Unlock exclusive offers on your fave brands :gift_heart:
  • Zero Forex Fee on Debit Card transactions (up to ₹25,000/month) :credit_card:

Psst…1,000 users have already claimed their PRO Power offer by ordering a debit card! :credit_card:

Visit the PRO tab in the app to learn how to earn jewels & check the merchants eligible for rewards!

How to upgrade to PRO?

  1. Maintain Net Relationship Value (NRV) of Rs 10,000 or more in the month and upgrade to PRO next month!
  2. NRV is just your average balance. It includes your pots and super pots balance

PRO Hack: Just make a Super Pot of Rs 10,000 for a year, and upgrade to PRO hassle-free.

What do you get? You earn up to 6.6% interest on your Super Pot and you earn 1% cashback on your UPI and Debit Card spends with PRO!

We’re not done yet. We believe our PRO offering and experience can be better. Let us know your thoughts on PRO and how we can enhance your experience.



I want proa account

New UI looking cool :sunglasses: I saw it yesterday


This looks very cool ! I am a pro customer though and still have the old UI ?

Just checked it says Salary account instead of pro, are those different things ?

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I see the new UI, it’s cool and neat.

But didn’t we have all of these features since forever now? I remember how ticked off the community was when Jupiter capped the Jewel rewards to 250 a month.

Good effort with the screen facelift!

can you help me to login back to my Jupiter account

well it will be better if ur Jupiter

opens unlocks the prepaid recharge

and internet banking and a site

this is a big backdrop to Jupiter to grab more constumers in to Jupiter so kindly focus on that thank you

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@Bitupan Here’s how you can upgrade to PRO.

Hope this helps!

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@nishesh Yup. Pro and Salary accounts are different.


Ah ! Gotcha. Are there major differences between the two ?

@nishesh So there’s the On Demand Salary option, Higher forex limit & Health insurance. Rest should be similar.
Since PRO users got a revamp, we’re bringing more value to our Salary account holders as well.

More updates on what’s new next week :slight_smile:


Cool ! Excited to see what in store :slight_smile:


PRO related:
Resharing the suggestions to improve PRO experience by involving the metal card on this thread.

Q) What are the other ways to get a Metal Debit Card?


@Shawnpinto , Maybe provide a one time upgrade to Metal Debit Card for PRO users who commit for 1 year PRO membership via FD of 10k / 25k / 50k. For any subsequent issuance / replacement, standard rates apply. But please keep Annual charges at ZERO.

Also this premium card can offer some additional PRO features such as higher withdrawal & spending limit and higher tap and Pay limit. VISA Infinite upgrade with different insurance protection features on the lines of HDFC Debit cards. ( Platinum debit card )

Some features for PRO :

Gradual increase in forex markup fee exemption limit till you are PRO until membership is cancelled and subsequently start from Rs 25k again.

Same can be done for cash back ( Jewels ) on debit card spends enhancing them from Rs 100 to Rs 200 … quarterly until PRO membership is cancelled. After cancellation, limit reset to Rs 100.

All this can be done with an Overall cap as well.

Also a PRO focussed UI with Black spacefire theme in the home and payments tab will give a premium feel to loyal customers. Maybe have a different App icon for PROs too while you are at it. :wink:


@here Thanks for sharing feedback, everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:

I wanted to hear the Community’s thoughts on the current offerings and how we can improve it further. Splitting this in 2 sections.

Those who are PRO
How is the experience so far? What’s good? What could be better?

Those who aren’t PRO
For those who don’t have a PRO account yet, we wanted to understand if the current offering excites you? If not, could you suggest what benefits you would like to have to turn PRO?

Recapping what is PRO for your reference:

How to unlock PRO?:
Maintain Net Relationship Value (NRV) of 10,000 or more in a calendar month to become PRO. Your NRV is your average account balance, it includes your pots and super pots balance.

What do you get as a PRO user?:

  • 1% cashback on UPI on spends up to Rs 10,000/month (you earn up to Rs 100/month)
  • 1% cashback on DC on spends up to Rs 15,000/month (you earn up to Rs 150/month)
  • zero forex fee on international transaction of up to Rs. 25,000/month (you save up to Rs 875/month)
  • exclusive merchant offers

Looking forward to hearing from you all!

@somyasinha You mentioned 1% cashback on UPI up to Rs10K/mth. But in app it shows as Rs 100 per month. Also for DC Rs 150/mth max.
Any typo error on your end?

Right. I mean debit card spends up to Rs 15,000/month qualify for cashback.

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But what JUPITER offering is very low compared to banks. It definitely needs to change the reward system.

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@niranjan_kumar Could you share more details?

As a pro member i need more offers like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Zomato, sweegy, ola , uber , big busket , messo .