Revamped PRO experience ✨

See this also, for non pro member

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NRV should be modified or it should have less value
As a student it’s difficult to maintain a balance of 10,000 which is the min value for nrv rewards system for the Jupiter .
Amount should be decreased to 2000 or 5000 , rewards can be cut to half like 250 for 10,000 and for 5000 it would be 150 that would be a good chance for other students too with min balance .
It will attract college students and others more cash flow .


Aggre with you


Increase reward for Pro Customers

Give merchant offers like Swiggy, Zomato, Amazon, Flipkart etc. Because currently the merchant offer is useless

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I still don’t find the Pro thing enticing.

It’s just a small jump in the cashback limit. The 250 limit is not that good.
The cashback is also applicable to a small set of merchants. I usually do small transactions through UPI like daily grocery or rickshaw fares. Considering those transactions are not applicable, I literally don’t have any benefit from this rewards system.

For more significant or digital app transactions, I mostly use my credit card as it is far more rewarding.

to get the full reward points, I need to spend 25000 a month against which I get only 250rs cashback. Using a credit card for the same spending can get me better value any time of the day. Even if I am a student, services like OneCard can help me get a credit score (and tons of offers) and apply for an even premium credit card as I start working.

I suggest bumping up the cashback % to 2% and keeping the limit to 500.
Also, any UPI transaction could qualify of course only above a certain amount.

The Forex limit increase is the only good thing about it. However, I personally don’t require it that often. I’d rather use the Niyo Global card or Fi or other zero forex services for big transactions.

Otherwise, the Pro experience isn’t adding any value to me. It feels like a gimmick where earlier banks used to make it compulsory to keep a min balance, now, y’all are asking it politely.


I second that

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Seconded. The reward system is practically unusable for most people and is super non-competitive compared to credit cards.
Maybe you should reconsider the entire Pro benefits system.

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@here thanks for your suggestions. Evaluating how we can incorporate some of this in our product!

I just used the on-demand salary feature to create my NRV pot and Now I’ll be a pro user. Big brain time :brain:

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count fd as nrv(net relationship value) for pro in jupiter.

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if some of person can use Jupiter day day basis and monthly average balace maintain 20-25k then those people should be get pro features like 1% upi , debit card jewels

it’s for 10k if your average balance for a month is more or equal to 10k then you are capable of earning gems NRV= (day[1]+day[2]+day[3]…+day[30])/30

Hey @Pratyay_Mustafi thanks for this suggestion, we are already working on including FD in NRV definition!


Hey @Ajay_R could you share more? Specifically what changes would make the PRO benefits exciting and make you consider being PRO?

Hi Somya,

As a banking product developer, I am not entirely sure as to what is feasible and what is not from your perspective. So whatever I write here is from a user perspective.

Currently, one of the main benefits of being a PRO user on Jupiter is that you get 1% rewards capped at ₹250. This is so insignificant you might as well remove it. This benefit cannot compete with even a regular debit card that offers an uncapped 1% cashback. Credit cards of today are far more rewarding these days. Given a choice, almost everyone would bill almost any transaction on a credit card rather than on Jupiter UPI or Jupiter Debit Card. I am not even comparing to high end credit cards, even the basic ones are much better.

To make this better, I would suggest the following:

  1. The top 3 spend categories on Jupiter will unlock 5x cashback or 10x cashback capped at ₹1000. (This offer actually stands a competing chance against entry-level credit cards and the maximum cashback is worth going for)
  2. The user would have to atleast spend on 4 categories to be eligible (You encourage the user to spend with multiple merchants making more bussiness)

I took one of your benefits as a case study and suggested my point of view. I could think of many other ways of improving this PRO experience for you. However it is ineffective to write it up here. Perhaps if you are interested, I’d be willing to talk about my thoughts over a call.


I thought these offers were always there - lately I don’t find them anymore. How do you guys track these offers ?

Do you think this top 3, top 10 is actually real? I am always curious about this

instead of calculating NRV for a period from 1st day of the month to last day of the month.
why cant we simply take NRV of the last 30 days irrespective of the month period?

and even the resumption of the PRO status on 3rd day of the next month is somewhat dull.
it would be nice if the NRV touches the required amount the PRO status should automatically resumed.

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@anik2269 I suppose Jupiter is following the general bank procedure of following calendar month for NRV calculation.

Only difference being regular banks call it Minimum Average Balance (MAB). Jupiter calls it Net Relationship Value (NRV).

While the initial kick-off for the Pro is a bit delayed, after that it won’t make a difference.

Having said that… I like the Fi way of immediately activating the Plus/Infinite account when we transfer Rs.50000 into the account.

Jupiter takes longer - 1 month Max. This tests your patience.

Patience is one thing i have :smile:

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