UPI Rewards Eligible Merchants

Swiggy, Uber, flipkart, Myntra and Dunzo are there which is good !
Although disappointing to see amazon, Zomato, Ola and bigbasket missing !
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Yes… my 90% transactions happen on Amazon :confused:


The only reason I started using Jupiter was the reward structure, most importantly on UPI. Now, the merchants are limited and as I use Jupiter for variety of merchants, there is no point in continuing with the app. A let down by Jupiter.


same , all of the merchants listed are useless to me.
Really dissapointed in the app , thinking of switching to some better neo bank since the awesome rewards were main highlight of jupiter .


Soon the entire 1% cashback scheme will be gone in both UPI and Cards. Always know these companies do this to get a customer base. Was good while it lasted :pensive: :pensive: :pensive:


Me saw a message the cashback will be on applied after certain dates…and also the limit are set back to 0 every month…is it…

Yeah… jewel are issued instantly… but we can withdraw them after 15 days.

There is per month limit on jewels earning… so count resets to 0 every month.

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Me have around 44 qnd says o lt 33 can be redeemed…why so…

Because those 33 you earned would have passed 15 days time.
Rest will be redeemable soon :blush:

Noon…me used upi to pay for my shopping…received the jewels…now it says that all the jewels will be redeemable or cashable after certain dates…and each for 2 jewels have different dates…dunno how to attach screenshot…ya would have understood…

Also… I think for first redemption you need 50 or 100 jewels (not sure).
That might be causing issues.

Aisaa…so after that…me can redeem anytime or will have collect jewels again…

Yes… aisaa hi…
After first big redemption… can redeem anytime any amount of jewels which have passed 15 days time limit.

Hello, Good morning!

“Minimum of 100 Jewels need to be earned to be able to make the first redemption for Jupiter Rewards.”

Wwooooowww…dun need jewels…need savingss

A massive let down by Jupiter,
I’m a regular user of Jupiter bank and also referred the same to 3 of my friends.

The only reason why me and my friends used Jupiter was because of 1% cashback on UPI.
But now that cashback has been limited and offer applies to only selected merchants…we are going to stop using the application .

As for debit card cashback guys,check out HDFC Millennia debit card.
1% Cashback on all transactions and 2.5% Cashback on all online transactions.
And you only need to maintain a minimum balance of 5000 per month.

No reason to use Jupiter anymore.



First they introduced the idea of 1% cashback on upi payments and debit cards… later they restricted to merchants …now merchants are also restricted and also jewels rewards also reduced to 100 from 500… Bad move!!
Even they removed amazon

Now no point of using Jupiter …will soon close the account. Fi is much better because of the fit rules which helps you save money and earn more interest rates!

Like Jupiter planet is inhabitable so is now the Jupiter account😂


We have taken this call consciously. And aware that purely rewards driven users may churn. But we are disappointed that we could not show you any other value of Jupiter account.


We will include Amazon soon


I wouldn’t stop from using Jupiter even if you guys don’t give any cashback but I do care about or obsess over the product that makes me change other bank account I use. Sadly @Jiten you guys are using same legacy tech stack to provide us an experience which is admittedly though a superior UI/UX but it needs to be built from scratch.
Also do consider integrating bullet/BNPL in Jupiter itself.
Provide an option to customize the UPI ID so that our phone numbers can’t be exposed. I generally just keep my name as UPI id. You can limit the number of custom UPI id on just 1. That would be fine and would take care of fraud possibilities as some apps have pointed out recently.
Give an option to “pay again” to similar merchant or peer from history so that there is no need to ask or scan ID’s.
Should be able to process IPO mandate.
Autopay and NACH
Credit card