Jupiter bank transfers give rewards?

If I book LPG cylinder or pay any bill using Jupiter app will I get 1% reward(I am a pro user)?

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No you can book lpg on amazon and pay with Debit card to get jewels easily

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Yeah we can do, just trying to know whether we can do or not. If rewards not given, then no one(Pro user) will use Jupiter app to pay any bills.

i was talking about rewards normal upi transactions don’t gets any reward on jupiter

Yes, this they need to fix.
Recently I did a purchase from Amazon of value 1211rs. When, I clicked upi option on the payment page and entered upi pin and paid thereafter in the Jupiter statement it showed amazon pay.
I was shocked as I had buyed a product from amazon.
I contacted support team they said, we need to click other upi option enter Jupiter account upi id they approve the request from the app and pay from Jupiter app.
This needs to be changed literally, I have lost many 1% CB in past.

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Hello @bmohunty welcome to the community :wave:

To be eligible for the 1% reward, it is clearly mentioned that payment must be made through Jupiter UPI within the application.

Welcome to the community @bmohunty.

I hope you are a pro-user.

This is the usual practice of paying through Jupiter app via UPI and it has done so to become eligible for jewels

Yes, I am a pro-user.
But during peak sales time of Flipkart, amazon lightning deals we can’t take a chance to enter the whole upi id then go to app approve then pay, then in this case, for 1% we wud lose out our desired product as these deals gets stock out within a fraction of second.
They should give the provision to directly pay via upi which gets saved rather than entering the upi id again and again and detect at the backend the mcc code accordingly credit the reward


I agree brother. Then you can go for the Debt card option if there is same Offer/rewards. At least, the debit card can be saved and with only the CVV and OTP you can complete the transaction quicky (my personal opinion).

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Yup! There’s other way too no doubt.
But this thing should get improved so as to give ease of mind during placing quick orders.

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