Fuel and bill payments are not eligible for rewards

Just now I came to know that fuel and bill payments gives no jewels, and also the following ones:

Here is the list of Ineligible Categories for payments for rewards

ATM withdrawals
Payments made via wallet-based, fuel payments, payment gateway platforms including top-ups
Investments - Mutual Funds, Stocks, Digital Gold, Pension plans etc
Credit repayment
Payments to financial institutions including banks, stocks and securities brokers
Electricity and other bill payment
Political parties
Court costs
Rent payment, Self payments

When I asked customer care that “when do these changes come and I am not even informed about this by email.”
Their reply is " We apologize for the inconvenience, but we currently do not possess specific details regarding that matter. However, we would like to assure you that, with the exception of the aforementioned merchants, all others will be eligible to earn rewards. "

My dear Jupiter friends, kindly let me know any other alternatives of Jupiter bank is there with good rewards rate, I am willing to maintain 10k as amb just like in Jupiter. As of now, the best option is indie by indusind where I have megastar account which gives 4% interest on my savings account and 3%back on top 3 brands.

The 1% is even being provided by onecard no need maintain 10k balance.


@Nikhil_Godbole any explanation on this?

One card is providing 1% reward rate???

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Top 2 brands. @DigitaL

Some banks do provide rewards for wallet load, bill payment & government payment… Rest all the above mentioned categories r excluded from any types of reward/cashback by all banks Debit/credit card

Go with idfc they give good interest and that to monthly plus for maintaining the amb u can actually transfer the req amount into ur other account like if u opt for a 25k amb u can just transfer money into your other account and they won’t charge u if anytime u r low on balance