Now we need to maintain MAB to get 1% rewards

Just today in rewards page saw that from now onwards we need to maintain a MAB of 10k to keep earning the standard rewards.

One nice feature they’ve added on top is that they’re showing how much you need to add to your current balance to attain the required MAB.


I wish the users who joined last week or few weeks back for that matter are not introduced to these changes.


But with a 2 day delay to update the MAB. Need to get this fixed. @Shawnpinto Is it the lack of resources to update it daily or something else? :eyes:

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otherwise they’ll probably loose interest very soon


From a bank that’s a fair ask. You need a minimum balance to enjoy the perks.


The current rewards system isn’t interesting from a heavy spender’s perspective. We need a rewamp of membership rewards.

Let’s keep aside 1J = ₹1 and maybe consider points of less value, but more with every transaction. And coupons and merchants to use them with.

I don’t mind waiting for 10,000 points as long as I get to redeem it at Indigo for a hefty ticket discount, or a vacation at a homestead in Himachal :sweat_smile:

Even if that implies I need to spend over ₹30,000 on multiple transactions spread over months…… rewards matter! So do the dopamine hits seeing them grow.


After maintaining 10k we only can earn 150 jewels per month only they haven’t increase the limit of jewels we can earn

Yes, but a man can dream.

Well, we’ve this update via an official communication email from Jupiter. “You will earn 1% Rewards on Debit Card and UPI spends for 3 months from the date of account opening.”

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After 3months


All users or only for new users

10k MAB is too much. I don’t even use the debit card offer. So keeping 10k and loosing sleep over it for a 100 bucks isn’t worth it. Is this Neobank for students/20s jobseekers or for rich people? Cause rich people already have better options in HDFC/ICICI/IDFC and they don’t care about a 100 buck Jewels.


In the coming months Jupiter will have to address this head-on. And, hopefully the app is robust enough to attract users from the latter camp, now that it’s not so enticing to the former (rn).

Whatever be the case, financial literacy and the tools that help users achieve them should be the goal.

@Binoy i wonder what will be the average age of jupiter users.

I’m sure it’s not more than 25 :wink:

Can anybody confirm if this condition exists for pro salary account holders too?

I’m yet to see such an email.

No such condition for Pro salary accounts I’m told. Someone confirmed that on another thread too. So, you’re good to go! for the time being

Update: @nateavi If it’s about the validity of this offer for Pro users, I’m not sure.

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Age between 18-25 i guess

After few months jupiter bank will become like ordinary banks we can see this now too 10k is too much to maintain as a student. We are seeing downgrade in the app

I love the “For the time being

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its only for getting rewards of 1% using the card and upi. Jupiter is still a 0 balance account.

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